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Leadership Acceleration

Engage, excite and inspire your leaders to elevate their leadership skills

Leadership Acceleration is a digital learning journey that gives experienced leaders the opportunity to increase their self-awareness and explore how they can achieve results for their organization. Through Leadership Acceleration, learners gain insight into how both competence and connection are essential components of strong leadership and how both are required to motivate and engage teams to contribute to the organization’s success.

Leadership Acceleration brings proven leadership content to life in a highly engaging digital environment. Leaders learn and network with a community of learners and gain the support of a leadership coach. Together, they share their experiences and challenge each other in a supportive environment. The program is globally scalable, capable of reaching large populations of leaders efficiently and effectively.

Leadership Acceleration complements GP Strategies’ existing front-line digital leadership program, Leadership Essentials.

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Explore the Leadership Acceleration journey

Experienced leaders can participate in Leadership Acceleration independently or in conjunction with other leadership development programs and interactions for a truly blended experience.

Part One: Who am I as a leader?

Part Two: How do I show up for others?

The importance of human connection

The Leadership Acceleration experience uniquely combines digital learning with human connection and provides learners with the following:

  • A leadership coach to support and guide
  • A moderator who responds to learner questions and curates information based on learner needs
  • A community of learners brought together to network, share, and learn from each other
  • Opportunities to enhance learning using coaching circles, virtual instructor-led training, and classroom experiences

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