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Leadership Evolution

A digitally enabled learning journey for mid-level leaders.

Advance Your Leaders with Personalized and Collaborative Learning

Leadership Evolution is a digital learning journey designed to engage and develop newly appointed mid-level leaders who have experience as a frontline leader. This program is a highly personalized experience designed to enhance self-awareness, leader behaviors, and application of behaviors and skills to the participant’s daily work.

Because this is a cohort-based program, participants will work with each other, as well as their coach, to complete missions, activities, self and peer reviews and feedback.

Explore the Leadership Evolution Journey 

Leadership Evolution is designed to equip mid-level leaders with the skills, knowledge, and required behaviors to become high-impact leaders. The program is delivered in two parts, the pre-program focuses on personalizing the journey through a 360 assessment and coaching, and the remainder of the program is delivered through a blended flipped-classroom model.

Weeks 1-5 | Pre-program

– Live virtual program kickoff
​- 360 pre-assessment ​
– Identify leadership ​challenge ​
– 1:1 coaching session ​

Weeks 6-7 | Leading Self

Analyze and discover what it means to adopt a growth mindset and remove self-limiting beliefs.

Weeks 8-9 | Leading Others

Analyze and discover what it means to adopt an inclusive mindset and the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and trust.

Weeks 10-11 | Leading Teams

Explore the Seven Distinctions of a High Performing Team, identify the importance of building and maintaining an environment of psychological safety on your team, and discover what it means to adopt an agile mindset.

Weeks 12-13 | Leading Enterprise and Program Wrap-Up

Explore the five key leadership capabilities needed to lead at the enterprise level and discover what it means to adopt an enterprise mindset.

Reimagine the Learner Experience

Leadership Evolution is everything a reimagined experience needs to be.

Tailored to the unique needs of the organization and the individual.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Provides access to a wide range of options for interacting with content and collaborating with others.

Leaders progress at their own pace and in a manner that that can be immediately applied to their jobs.

Through innovative technology, Leadership Evolution provides the modern learner with relevant, bite-sized assets and ease of accessibility from any device, making our e-learning services available anywhere and anytime.

The Importance of Human Connection 

The Leadership Evolution experience uniquely combines digital learning with human connection and provides learners with the following: 

  • A leadership coach to support and guide
  • A moderator who responds to learner questions and curates information based on learner needs
  • A community of learners brought together to share and learn from each other
  • Opportunities to enhance learning using coaching circles, virtual instructor-led training and classroom experiences

Leadership Evolution

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