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Leadership Essentials

A digitally enabled leadership journey for frontline managers.

Inspire Your Leaders to Achieve New Levels of Excellence

Leadership Essentials is a modern, digitally enabled leadership development experience. Accessible through any device, anytime and anywhere, this innovative approach provides a scalable solution to learning and development for managers and leaders. Learners develop essential leadership skills as they progress through the program and are supported by a leadership expert who acts as a trusted guide and coach. While each leader progresses at a time and pace that works for them, they are also connected with a community of learners who share and support one another.

Leadership Essentials complements GP Strategies’ existing experienced leadership digital program, Leadership Acceleration.

Essential Leadership Mindsets and Skills

Our research has reaffirmed the skills leaders need to be successful today, and in the future. And we’ve evolved our approach to include the four essential leadership mindsets of growth, inclusivity, agility, and enterprise thinking. All of this comes together in the ultimate digital leadership program.

Explore the Leadership Essentials journey!

Week 1 | Leadership Mindset

Understand what it means to think like a leader and recognize the importance of encouraging growth, being inclusive and agile, and having an enterprise mindset.

Week 2 | Building Trust

Learn the power and impact trust has on those you lead.

Week 3 | Communication

Learn and apply the elements of effective and impactful communication.

Week 4 | Delegation

Explore the steps of delegation and how to do it well.

Week 5 | Accountability

Learn how to hold yourself, and others, accountable.

Week 6 | High Performing Teams

Explore the actions you can take as a leader to drive team performance.

Week 7 | Coaching

Understand what coaching is and how to use everyday interactions to coach.

Week 8 | Change & Resiliency | Celebration

Recognize that change is constant, and uncover ways to increase resiliency.

Reimagine the Learner Experience

Leadership Essentials is everything a reimagined experience needs to be.

Tailored to the unique needs of the organization and the individual.

Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Provides access to a wide range of options for interacting with content and collaborating with others.

Leaders progress at their own pace and in a manner that that can be immediately applied to their jobs.

Through innovative technology, Leadership Essentials provides the modern learner with relevant, bite-sized assets and ease of accessibility from any device, making our e-learning services available anywhere and anytime.

The Importance of Human Connection

The Leadership Essentials experience uniquely combines digital learning with human connection and provides learners with the following:

  • A leadership coach to support and guide
  • A moderator who responds to learner questions and curates information based on learner needs
  • A community of learners brought together to share and learn from each other
  • Opportunities to enhance learning using coaching circles, virtual instructor-led training and classroom experiences

Leadership Essentials

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