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Inspire Your New and Emerging Leaders

New & Emerging Leaders Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme

Creating a pipeline of leaders that have the knowledge, skills and capability to adapt to todays organisational challenges is critical for success.

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Our New and Emerging Leaders Team Leader Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme is designed to develop leaders that are ready for today, with an eye on the future. Over a 14 month period learners will grow their leadership skills and be able to add value to the organisation, through a blended learning journey with digital at its heart.

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Who’s it for?

  • Those stepping into leadership for the first time
  • Those in their first or second leadership role that need to refine their skills
  • Those identified as high potential and are preparing for their next step

Why is it effective?

It is crucial to recognise that leaders work in an environment of unrelenting change that greatly increases the challenges for leadership today. Our action led programme, underpinned with sound theory and experiential opportunities, coupled with support from faculty and peers equips leaders to lead, and gives organisations a pipeline of talent. Individual benefits of the programme include:

  • Deeper self-insights: develop clear understanding of their strengths and how to build on them as well as addressing any behaviours potentially holding them back
  • Engaging their team/stakeholders: increasing the effectiveness with which they engage and influence others in the business – raising the performance of others
  • Commercial insight: understanding the business dynamics more fully and being confident in making timely and effective decisions
  • Continuous learning: grow their capacity to continuously learn in current and future roles

How does it work?

  • Unlocks the apprenticeship levy for funding*
  • A blended learning journey that encourages curiosity and real world application of new skills
  • Action learning approaches that develop collaborative working and learning
  • Access to personal coaching to help integrate the learning into day to day leadership activity
  • Design, materials and approach that work for leaders in different business areas and functions
  • Content that is relevant and pragmatic with accessible toolkits and resources that will support continuing development
  • Integration of digital resources and experiential activities to support continuing development
  • A ratio of facilitators to participants in workshops that will ensure there is a personal focus

*Subject to eligibility, criteria, and funding availability.