What’s Your Strategy for When the Sun Sets on SAP Payroll On-Prem?

By on May 28th, 2020 in Blog, HCM Technology Solutions
SAP will retire their On-Premise support in a few years from now, a situation many SAP on-premise customers are dreading. Does the task of starting from scratch, implementing a new cloud payroll solution seem unachievable? Has your organization spent years of effort and resources customizing and building the perfect solution that you now fear you will lose?

You are far from alone. This is why the team at GP Strategies has built a program to help you. Project Sunrise will allow you to seamlessly migrate all your custom objects, reports, enhancements, and other content to the cloud. As a side bonus, you also gain an accelerated implementation, reducing both time and cost by more than 50%.

What is Project Sunrise? 

  • Project Sunrise is a combination of tools and programs that allows customers to accelerate the transition from SAP HCM on-premise Payroll to Employee Central Payroll.
  • Project Sunrise allows you to seamlessly migrate the following:
    • Business-related custom reports
    • Customer-specific enhancements
    • Payroll configuration contents inclusive of schemes, calculation rules, features, functions, and more

Who benefits?

This program would benefit you if you are currently on an SAP on-premise Payroll solution and want to:

  • Make the move to the cloud without losing existing customizations.
  • Cut implementation time in half.
  • Save cost on delivery.
  • Get a seamless rollout of SuccessFactors EC Payroll.

How do you get started?

Would you like to learn more about how your migration path might look like? GP Strategies offers a free assessment at a time that suits you. The assessment consists of a 1-hour online consultation with one of our certified payroll experts. If you would like an assessment for your organization, get in touch to set up a call today.


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