First Class Deliver eBook Cover

First Class Delivery I Building and Maintaining Successful Global Training Delivery Teams 

Building and maintaining successful global training delivery teams is an essential part of our training and learning delivery services. From recruitment and selection, to onboarding and certification, community engagement, upskilling, evaluation and reporting, discover more in the GP Strategies First Class Delivery eBook.

In this eBook, you will discover how we align with customers from the outset to create the right role profile and match them to the most relevant trainers and facilitators for their needs. It will take you through the six core pillars that underpin our approach to matching the best trainers and facilitators to customer needs and will explore how we develop and upskill our delivery teams to stay relevant and consistently deliver their best performance.

Watch a series of short videos and discover how our approach to building global training delilvery teams benefits both clients and trainers, whilst delivering the best outcomes.

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