The end of Flash is here. Have you addressed your Flash conversion needs?

In 2018, Adobe announced they will stop supporting the Flash player plug-in by the end of this year. Some browsers have already ended their support. Time is up. In only a few months, your Flash-based courses will no longer work. Implement a Flash conversion strategy to avoid disruptions and create engaging training.

NOW is the time to review your training course library and develop a plan to convert Flash content to HTML5. And if you’ve rationalized your content or have already made simple conversions, it’s time to look at upgrading them for more engaging learning.

What This Means for You

Organizations with eLearning, course libraries, and learning assets that have Flash will lose functionality any day.

Converting your courses is not an automated process and migrating from Flash to HTML5 will be unique to each organization’s needs. The promises of automated and quick conversions often create a series of problems and ineffective learning.

There should be a content strategy that guides your development and the tools your team uses to build and maintain content. Additionally, you should employ a mobile strategy that guides your priorities.

Our 4-Step Process

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Our Flash Conversion Services

Whether you need one course converted or an entire course library, we have the experience and range of solutions to help you achieve an impactful and cost-effective conversion.

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    Analyze your current learning solutions and identify key areas for conversion. Organize your priorities and identify the best methods and modalities to remediate your course catalog.

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    Conversion and Mobile Strategy

    Plan for your mobile learning needs with a mobile-first, responsively designed course structure.

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    Conversion Framework and Templates

    Our creative and programming teams can convert efficiently into maintainable frameworks.

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    Instructional Design Support

    We have the tools, techniques, and experience to convert Flash-based media to modern digital formats and innovative modalities.

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    Media and Development Services

    Our engineers and developers can expertly convert existing media for reuse or can develop new audio, video, visuals, and more.

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    Quality Control and LMS Testing

    Ensure your learning solutions perform as expected with our methodologies, testing environments, and devices.

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    Maintenance Support

    GP Strategies is an end-to-end, learning and development solution provider and has the infrastructure to support ongoing maintenance programs and help desk support.

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