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EtaPRO™ – Performance & Condition Monitoring System

Performance focused on availability, capacity, and efficiency is key to maximizing profit in today’s competitive power generation environment. The EtaPRO™ Performance & Condition Monitoring System helps power generation companies improve performance and profitability, while monitoring the health of their Rankine, combined cycle, hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear power plants.

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EtaPRO™ Performance & Condition Monitoring System

EtaPRO combines four technologies under one platform:
EtaPRO Virtual Plant™ | EtaPRO APR | EtaPRO Predictor™ | EtaPRO Archive™

EtaPRO Technology

EtaPRO is used by power generators in over 35 countries

Achieve Operational Excellence of capital-intensive, high-risk facilities with the EtaPRO™ Performance & Condition Monitoring System, the most comprehensive platform for performance and condition monitoring. EtaPRO power plant performance monitoring combines four technologies — thermodynamics, anomaly detection, machinery vibration and a high speed data historian, together in one powerful platform to help you better manage the health of your plant and assets.

EtaPRO provides a wide-realm of functions to improve plant availability, capacity, and efficiency while avoiding unplanned outages. EtaPRO technology features:

  • VirtualPlant™ thermodynamic modeling technology informs plant operations workers on a real-time basis as to where power and/or steam are lost and where heat rate is increased for different plant equipment.
  • EtaPRO APR uses advanced pattern recognition technology to detect anomalies in plant or equipment conditions and provide early warning of equipment failure.
  • EtaPRO Predictor™ software automatically analyzes and diagnoses reliability problems with rotating and key stationary components by analyzing machinery vibrations.
  • EtaPRO Archive™ EtaPRO Archive is EtaPRO’s embedded, high-speed data historian capable of storing all your EtaPRO results as well as process data.

The EtaPRO Platform

Increase the efficiency of your staff
EtaPRO also raises staff productivity by automating routine calculation and reporting tasks. Now your operations and engineering professionals can quickly display, trend, alert, diagnose, and report plant performance. Features that come with EtaPRO are:

  • EPTrendSetter™—provides many advanced features for simultaneous plotting of multiple data points, application of stead-state and/or range filters, regression of plotted data, and for the investigation of the relationship between two points as a start to the process of creating a new asset pattern.
  • EPReporter™—used to manage the user-created historical EPReports of the EtaPRO data stored in the historian. EPReports are created in Microsoft Excel using the EtaPRO Excel Add-in.
  • EPLog™—designed to replace any type of written log used at your plant and allow you to efficiently collect and distribute this information to anyone who needs it.
  • EPAlert™—allows you to provide notification of a specific event, based on user-defined criteria. When an alert condition is detected, or a time-driven event is triggered, notification is sent by email to mobile device email account, and a report is generated and delivered per distribution settings for the report.
  • EPArchive™—collects and stores plant performance and equipment activity. Functions as the plant historian.

The EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostic Center is a solution for plants who are challenged with lean resources and information overload. We help some of the world’s leading power generation companies monitor their combined-cycle, Rankine cycle, solar, wind turbine, and hydro plants from the EtaPRO M&D Center, keeping them on top of plant performance.

 Thermodynamic Modeling: EtaPRO VirtualPlant™

EtaPRO VirtualPlantEtaPRO™ VirtualPlant™ is a powerful thermodynamic modeling software product for assessing power plant monitoring and performance. With VirtualPlant™, you can quickly and easily build first principle-based models of conventional fossil and combined cycle power plants that run on your laptop and can work directly with existing EtaPRO™ plant monitoring systems.

The models are used to validate measured data, calculate expected component performance based upon actual operating conditions, recommend optimum set points to maximize profitability, and simulate offline what-if analyses.

Simulate “what-if” scenarios to optimize your plant
VirtualPlant™ can be utilized in both off-line “interactive” and on-line “real-time” modes. In the off-line mode, plant operations personnel engineers, and planners are provided with a user-friendly tool to perform detailed “what-if” mass and energy balances of their power plant cycles. Model results include generation and heat rate, as well as mass flows and state point details to facilitate evaluation of conceptual changes in operating and equipment condition parameters.

Read how EtaPRO VirtualPlant™ helped KCP&L achieve the Powder River Basin (sub-bituminous coal) No. 1 heat rate ranking in the U.S.

Advanced Pattern Recognition: EtaPRO™ APR

EtaPRO™ APR is a component of GP Strategies’ EtaPRO™ Condition & Performance Monitoring System, leveraging advanced pattern recognition as an early warning system for power plant equipment anomaly detection.

EtaPRO APR ScreenOne of the most significant expenses in the operation and maintenance of power generation plants is unplanned and corrective maintenance. Plants can realize millions of dollars’ savings each year from early warning of impending equipment failure and successful crisis prevention.

EtaPRO™ APR uses advanced pattern recognition technology to detect even the subtlest, slowly developing anomalies in plant or equipment conditions so you can respond more proactively to your equipment’s needs. EtaPRO™ APR continuously compares current equipment data to detailed empirical models of normal data, resulting in a highly effective means of tracking equipment health parameters such as shaft vibration and bearing temperatures, allowing you to:

  • Avoid unplanned outages
  • Reduce damage to your equipment
  • Shorten repair times
  • Repair damage proactively at an economically advantageous time
  • Optimize revenue

The power of EtaPRO™ and EtaPRO™ APR can be further extended with the integration of VirtualPlant™ thermodynamic modeling and EtaPRO™ Predictor™ rotor dynamic machinery diagnostics. These tools can be used to create a complete picture of system health and help you identify and diagnose the root cause of system abnormalities so you address abnormalities before they become costly problems.

Read how EtaPRO APR has helped an Ohio Valley power generator improve performance and availability

Machinery Diagnostics: EtaPRO™ Predictor™

EtaPRO™ Predictor™, along with its patented AutoDiagnosis™ technology, offers unprecedented early fault detection and advanced diagnosis of problems within gas and steam turbines, generators, pumps, fans, compressors, and other large rotating machinery.

Using highly developEtaPRO Predictor Orbit Graphed machinery dynamics and vibration principles to automatically analyze and diagnose reliability issues, unlike OEM protection systems, EtaPRO™ Predictor™ predicts time-to-criticality and provides recommendations for action to avoid unplanned downtime.

The result? A real-time view of the health of your machinery so you can optimize machine availability, performance, and maintenance.

Combine EtaPRO™ Predictor’s vibration detection with the thermodynamic performance diagnostics of our VirtualPlant™ software, plus the advanced pattern recognition of GP Strategies’ EtaPRO™ Performance & Condition Monitoring System’s EtaPRO™ APR, and you have a comprehensive solution for determining real-time equipment health to maximize plant performance in reliability and efficiency.


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