Asset Performance Management

Reduce Costs – Improve Availability – Maximize Performance – Assure Operability

GP Strategies’ APM Optimize  improves the performance and integrity of your  assets: both your workforce and equipment.

Our approach to APM is unique. It’s a fully comprehensive, turnkey solution that extends beyond software and focuses on integrating business processes, organizational structure, and workforce optimization into the design. It centers on maximizing the APM lifecycle—the end-to-end optimization of assets to ensure they reach their full potential.

Million saved

in early warning catches

Percent reduction

in maintenance costs

Percent reduction

in unplanned downtime

Percent improvement

in equipment availability

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Data/Asset Registry Based on Criticality >

The asset registry based on criticality is accomplished by ensuring all data associated with the asset is captured and correct. Data management provides systems to build and audit your asset.

The Data Management  Standard (DMS) details the procedures and rules of engagement for business and maintenance/reliability data management activities, especially as they result in the creation and use of data, data transfer, naming conventions, and taxonomy principles. Compliance with the standard is also covered.

Enterprise Technology Adoption >

In order for your APM program to be successful, your workforce needs to be able to utilize the technology effectively.

GP Strategies helps organizations adopt new technologies smoothly. We are committed to providing you with the change management expertise and learning experience that meet your company’s needs, help your organization achieve its business goals, and enable your people to harness the technologies of the 21st century workplace.

Organizational Analysis & Assessment >

GP Strategies’ organizational development expertise provides strategic analysis to help align your organization and drive accountability in your APM strategy. We help clients develop a culture that achieves high results where employees remain focused on what to do and how to do it.

Our software and methodologies are designed to properly assess and map against asset management world-class standards (ISO 55000). We help pinpoint areas for improvement, identify gaps between current state and best in class, and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

Asset Strategies >

Strategy management is critical to achieving success. By improving performance and eliminating non-value-added activities, operational costs typically decrease between 15% and 40% while capacity utilization improves by 5% to 10%.

One of the critical asset strategies is condition monitoring, a preventive and proactive approach used to identify failures before they occur. Through the use of EtaPRO™ Condition Monitoring software, the health of assets can be measured and improved. Anomalies in equipment performance can be detected and notifications can be sent to take preventive action before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Strategy Optimization >

At the beginning of an APM program, a set of strategies and tasks are created based on asset criticality and failure modes to eliminate issues. Ideally, this would last the entire asset lifecycle. However, in reality, conditions change and problems arise.

Strategy optimization investigates why failures occur by looking at the root cause and then makes comparisons to the original objectives to see what adjustments need to be made.

By keeping a steadfast focus on strategy optimization, the program’s success can be sustained and improved over time. An organization’s assets and processes can yield a ROI of 10:1 or greater.

Investigation Management and Root Cause Analysis >

GP Strategies’ Investigation Management process combined with Nexus Global’s Investigation Optimizer incident management software tool, gives organizations the ability to investigate root causes and develop corrective actions while providing real-time notification of issues to prevent catastrophic failures. This documents the investigation process in a quantifiable way and communicates progress towards resolution.

Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)/reliability; transparency of incidents; and receive accurate and proactive failure reporting and analysis so your organization can take corrective action.

Work Management >

GP Strategies specializes in workforce optimization best practices to help organizations develop a fit for purpose work management system that will improve and sustain their workforce efficiencies.

We focus on building centralized corrective maintenance libraries, creating standardized workflows for job planning, removing bottlenecks, receiving real-time work execution feedback, managing spare parts, and improving planning and scheduling.

Enterprise Technology Adoption Solutions >

A successful implementation of new technology requires a fully aligned workforce that is comfortable with the new normal of change. Proficient in new tasks, procedures, and technology, your workforce must be set up to achieve success on day one.  However, they must also be supported by continuous learning and performance improvement that will have them ready for success on day 1,000 and beyond.

Robust training, performance support, job aids, and measurement tools are all critical aspects to sustaining an effective change.  GP Strategies will help to align your organization and build a learning infrastructure that will support new users indefinitely.

Workforce Optimization >

Your APM program is only as successful as the workforce who is responsible for it. After all, human error accounts for almost 80% of errors in facilities.*

Our approach to workforce optimization, based on 50 years of experience working with high-risk, capital-intensive facilities, integrates human performance in the strategy.  From initial planning and organization analysis right through execution and sustainability.

We also offer various training programs to ensure your workforce can implement and sustain a long-term, successful APM program. Our blended learning programs focus on eLearning, instructor-led training, virtual training, craft skills, on-the-job training, and augmented and virtual reality solutions.

*Human Factors Engineering

With a unique collaboration of our best-in-class knowledge, service delivery, and innovative software, we’ve developed a sustainable program that covers the entire APM lifecycle in one powerful solution. Aligned with international standards such as  ISO 55000 series, ISO 14224, ISO 8000, KKS, SAE (SAE JA 1011 & SAE JA1010 – RCM/Maintainability standards), SMRP, and IAM, we work with clients to connect their APM strategy with knowledge and excellence, develop a road map of prioritization, and implement proven methodologies to ensure operational growth and success.

Optimizing the Asset Lifecycle with APM Optimize

A successful APM program’s framework should support the entire asset lifecycle: from the time it is engineered, built, and installed, to being operated, maintained, and then retired. To help the asset meet or exceed its design life expectancy, GP Strategies’ views APM as a continuous process with opportunities for improvement throughout the journey.

At any point in an asset’s lifecycle, the design, operation, and maintenance strategy may need to be reviewed and adjusted to ensure full asset optimization is achieved.

APM Software: Data & Analytics to Improve Reliability and Efficiency

GP Strategies has been working seamlessly with our partner, Nexus Global, to deliver the APM Optimizer Suite. This suite provides a full-circle, integrated approach to developing, implementing, and managing your APM program. As a critical component to the APM delivery framework, this unique suite helps you optimize your business road map, equipment data, equipment strategies, work planning, and incident investigation initiatives.

With a multi-tier architecture, deployment has never been easier as a service (SaaS) or an on-premise installation.

Achieving Continuous Improvement

Critical to the success of a best-in-class APM program is focusing on continuous improvement throughout the journey. GP Strategies’ comprehensive solution includes the software, strategies, tactics, and deliverables to ensure your long-term success and help you achieve Operational Excellence.

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