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Optimize the performance of your people, assets and facilities with EtaPRO, the leading asset performance and condition monitoring system. The EtaPRO platform combines the power of thermal performance, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics to optimize the performance of your most critical assets. Increase reliability, availability, and efficiency while reducing overall cost, mitigating risk, and reducing unplanned maintenance.

EtaPRO Products and Benefits

EtaPRO VirtualPlantTM
Thermodynamic Modeling

Anomaly Detection

EtaPRO PredictorTM
Diagnostics & Prognostics

EtaPRO ArchiveTM
Data Historian

The EtaPRO Suite brings together four technologies under one robust platform for companies to improve asset performance, recognize anomalies sooner, decrease unplanned downtime, and manage data effectively. These applications enable plants and high-performing facilities to increase capacity and efficiency while deceasing downtime.

EtaPRO also offers easy-to-use applications like an electronic log book, asset-oriented displays, automatic reporting, and more. Our EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostic Center helps plants with lean resources. There is no better solution for asset performance and condition monitoring than EtaPRO.

Impacting Your Entire Organization

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    Beyond Technology: Ensuring Success in Your Digital Transformation

    GP Strategies recognizes that the key to success in new technology implementation and adoption centers around your people. Powering the people behind the transformation is our core competency. We have decades-long experience implementing digital technologies and can help you maximize the return on your EtaPRO investment and achieve overall plant and asset performance improvements.

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    Achieve Operational Excellence of Capital-Intensive, High-Risk Facilities

    As part of your operational excellence initiatives, EtaPRO can help target improvements to key performance indicators in areas such as operations, maintenance, environment, safety, and workforce behaviors. Analyze and leverage critical data captured from the EtaPRO platform to support better decision-making.




BROCHURE | EtaPRO Predictor

BROCHURE | EtaPRO Monitoring and Diagnostic Center

BROCHURE | Maintenance and Reliability Statement of Capabilities

CASE STUDY | EtaPRO Supports Comprehensive Energy Plan at KCP&L

Operational Excellence Brochure

CASE STUDY | EtaPRO Supports Comprehensive Energy Plan at KCP&L

BROCHURE | Asset Performance Lifecycle

Learn more about how EtaPRO can support your asset performance management program to help increase performance and maximize efficiency of your facilities assets.

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