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Regulatory & Compliance Services for Technical Industries

Building a culture of compliance

Successful regulatory compliance is vital to an efficiently functioning business and a well-trained workforce. Health, Safety & Environmental, and Process Risk and Emergency & Safety Management are critical to industrial organizations. While they address different compliance issues (with some crossover) they raise very similar challenges for technical global enterprises. These include:

  • Increasingly complex and restrictive governmental regulations
  • Differing, sometimes divergent, nation-to-nation regulatory frameworks
  • Increased production costs in order to comply with those regulations
  • Time and resources to implement and adapt to new regulations
  • Access to highly specialized expertise to keep pace with constantly evolving compliance requirements

And let’s not forget the potential for huge regulatory penalties and potential legal liability due to lack of compliance. Clearly, the current technical industries landscape calls for carefully designed regulatory risk management and compliance solutions. Now is not the time or place for off-the-shelf solutions that may become obsolete before you even unwrap them.

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Cross-industry know-how and knowledge built on 50 years of success

GP Strategies offers compliance and regulatory services that help minimize risk and maintain compliance. Our expertise includes developing governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance processes and procedures in the following areas:

  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • Process Safety & Risk Management
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Safety Training

Focusing on technical regulations elements as they relate to your organization, we engage your management, workforce, and stakeholders in building a culture of compliance that supports your commitment to process safety. If your programs or processes require improvement, we partner with you to identify the issues, develop a strategy for improvement, and implement the solution.

Health , safety and environmental compliance

From mitigating the impact of pandemic outbreaks and natural disasters to adhering to OSHA policies and training your workforce to safely handle hazardous materials, the risks quickly add up. We help you mitigate these risks with comprehensive workforce training programs that increase safety and environmental awareness.

Our regulatory and compliance services include:

  1. Public Health Services (Pandemic & Bioterrorism)

    We combine prevention and deference strategies with recognition, avoidance, isolation, and notification techniques to strengthen your pandemic and bioterrorism preparedness skills.

  2. Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Explosive/Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness

    We deliver comprehensive CBRNE/WMD awareness training to educate your compliance team on the impact of these risks and safe responses to incidents.

  3. OSHA Worker Health & Safety Training

    Augment your overall health, safety and environment training, with our Mandatory Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certification course for RCRA-permitted storage facilities.

  4. Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)/Department of Transportation (DOT) Training

    Meet permit requirements and keep workers safe with our 24-hour initial environmental certification course. Keep knowledge current and awareness high with a 4-hour annual refresher

  5. Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS)

    Improve operational safety by reducing the frequency and severity of accidents.

  6. Production Safety Management

    Operate incident-free work sites by developing a culture of safety that includes safety education, performance monitoring, and accountability.

  7. Homeland Security Services

    Learn how to plan for, prepare, and recover from events resulting from terrorist threats.

Process safety and risk management solutions

Aging facilities, a depleted workforce, and an ever-increasing regulatory environment impact your company’s production facilities.

GP Strategies has a comprehensive suite of process safety and regulatory risk management services and solutions to meet the needs of your organization:

  1. Consulting Services

    These include an in-depth assessment to help improve the performance of your process safety management and mechanical integrity programs.

  2. Mechanical Integrity

    A systematic approach to help identify, prioritize and mitigate risks to minimize downtime and maximize safety.

  3. Procedures

    Resources for timely development of operating and maintenance procedures.

  4. Training Services

    Comprehensive operator and maintenance training services to ensure workers are qualified to perform their job duties.

  5. Compliance Assessments

    Independent third-party audits and assessments (using OSHA PSM audit guidelines) to help clarify the state of your process safety management program.

  6. Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

    Define your process boundaries and risks by utilizing “what if”, HAZOP, FMEA, or layers of protection analysis.

  7. OSHA Worker Health & Safety Training

    Mandatory Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certification course for RCRA-permitted storage facilities. Choose from 24 or 40 hours of health, safety and environment (HSE) training

  8. Construction Safety Management

    Our commitment to creating and maintaining safe, incident-free work sites, developing a culture of safety, and educating our clients about the importance of rules and regulations. A continuous monitoring of ongoing performance is vital to success