Episode #45 | Creating Connection in Blended Teams

work from home and office

A lot of us are working from home lately and it’s great for getting a head start on that pile of laundry and cutting out the commute time. But what about on the workfront? Working from home can quickly become an isolating experience, leaving employees feeling like a planet floating out in space by themselves. As easy as it is to feel isolated at home, working in the office can feel inequitable if managers are not making intentional efforts to create connection within their teams. Managers with blended teams, or a mix of those who WFH and are F2F, need to equalize the virtual and physical spaces to allow for team connection to flourish.

In this episode, Katy Bailey, Leadership Development Strategist and Consultant, gives us some tangible tools and ideas for managers to create an inclusive environment for their blended teams, no matter where they are located.

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