Learning Analytics, Measurement, and Evaluation

Learning analytics are the practices and technologies used to determine the impact of your learning programs. They ensure training professionals are gathering useful information to provide insights and make data-driven decisions about learning programs for accurate diagnosis and improvement.

GP Strategies helps collect and analyze the right data and offers critical insights and recommendations. Through a blend of technologies and services, we can measure, diagnose, and optimize your learning experiences to show value and results to stakeholders. By synthesizing the data into visual dashboards, we can align learning to your strategic goals.

Learning analytics can effectively answer some key questions for how learning programs are currently performing and are expected to perform:

  • What impact did the learning program have and why?
  • How much did we save in time and money?
  • How can we improve the learning programs?
  • How are we performing as a learning and development organization?

At GP Strategies, we improve our partners’ learning programs by helping to develop the goals and outcomes, developing a strategy to collect the right data, and capturing and synthesizing the data into insights and recommendations.

Additionally, our services include:

  • Assessments and needs analyses.
  • Surveys and interviewing services and systems.
  • Analysis and dashboards for tracking, visualization, and reporting.
  • Measurement maps and business outcomes alignment.
  • Impact studies.
  • Voice of the customer surveys.

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