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One of the key challenges for organizations today is to enable their talent to perform at a high level in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Traditional approaches to learning solutions are no longer equipped to deliver the business impact that organizations need.

Performance-Centric Approach

High performing organizations are shifting from a training-centric approach to a performance-centric one. They’re partnering with GP Strategies to help them leverage a more dynamic, agile approach to designing performance-centric learning systems.

Performance-centric stands out as a way to blend the best elements of the ADDIE approach with the iterative elements of an agile approach, thus creating the most effective learning solutions possible.

Design and Development

In addition to training for content development services, clients are engaging with GP Strategies to analyze their current learning solutions and identify key areas for improvement.

These areas include leveraging a mobile strategy, shifting from live events to more blended solutions, improving the effectiveness of their e-Learning, and integrating a more interactive and visual approach to content design.

Measurement and Evaluation

The final piece of an effective performance-centric learning system is a robust evaluation and measurement system.

Not only does GP Strategies help clients create effective content design solutions, we also help them refine their approach for measuring and evaluating success.

  • Is a learning solution promoting knowledge transfer?
  • Is curricula or a program enabling positive business results?
  • What types of activities should an organization measure?
  • How frequently should they measure?

These are all questions GP Strategies can help answer with our content development strategy.

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