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Reskilling Dealerships for the New Normal from Surviving to Thriving

No one could have predicted the ways in which 2020 would expose organizational vulnerabilities while simultaneously forcing those same organizations to quickly adapt and build resiliency into their business models. We’ve seen companies that have already gone digital recover and

Collaboration and Learning in the Flow of Work

If the recent changes to our work environments have taught us anything, it is that when being faced with a challenge, we can rise to it. Thinking about learning in particular, before COVID-19, we often saw hour-long courses to help

Retooling Retail – The Rise of a Virtual Car Dealership Experience

It was already beginning to happen. Shoppers, though they didn’t realize there was a name for it at the time, have been socially distancing themselves from retail establishments for years. When is the last time you were in an absolutely

Mindsets for All Seasons and All Leaders

Leadership research conducted by GP Strategies uncovered the need for four particular mindsets to lead effectively: growth, inclusive, agile, and enterprise. Inside a steady-state or business-as-usual environment, these mindsets can ground leaders, helping them support their teams, each other, and

In the Future of Work, Learning Is Beautiful

I have seen the future, and I want to tell you about it. For the last few years, I have been one of many researching, identifying, and sharing approaches to ready our workforce for the future. As a learning and

Base Model Approach for SAP SuccessFactors: Expedite SuccessFactors Implementation With A Preconfigured Solution

The Innovation Behind Base Model Approach for SAP SuccessFactors After several clients mentioned the challenges associated with getting the most out of their SAP SuccessFactors solution with limited in-house resources, the idea of the Base Model Approach was developed.  Instead

Inspiring Your Workforce in Times of Crisis – The 4 Cs of Employee Engagement

Perhaps no aspect of life is more altered by COVID-19 than the labor market. After ten years of nearly uninterrupted growth, organizations across the world are dealing with a level of disruption not seen since the Great Depression. While organizations

Webinar Q&A | Steady Communication for Unsteady Times

While some have been monitoring the threat of COVID-19 for a while, for many, the gravity of the situation seemed to spike incredibly quickly, turning our world upside down. Leaders in government, healthcare, and business are scrambling to deal with

Future-Proof Yourself with Transferable Skills

Have you ever worried about the future of your job? Given that the unemployment rate in the US has jumped to over 13% recently, there is a good chance the answer is a resounding YES, at least for the time

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