Navigating the New FEMA Public Assistance Grants Manager and Grants Portal

Technology continues to shape the way we share and disperse information, and the way we handle Emergency Management is no exception. As far back as October 2016, FEMA began testing a new delivery model for their Public Assistance (PA) Program.

Webinar Q&A | Elite Teams: Developing Special Forces for Your Business

A majority of organizations often struggle with “siloed” behavior. Quite naturally, people and teams under pressure to perform focus on what is right in front of them in order to meet the demands of an endless set of urgent tasks.

How Different are Boomi and SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI)?

It seems more and more customers are choosing SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI) as an alternative to Dell Boomi for integration between SAP ERP and SuccessFactors Employee Central. This presents integration consultants in the space with the opportunity to learn a new technology. Unsurprisingly, developers with Boomi experience will recognize commonalities within SCPI at a high level but will find differences up close. Let’s quickly compare the two.

Organizational Change Management (OCM): Top 10 Aims for Success

Businesses and workers today are encountering an ever-increasing pace and demand for change. Advances in technology and other market pressures continue to force companies to face the prospect that they must transform or die. Given this environment, it sometimes surprises

The GDPR and What You Need to Consider for Your Organization

The GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, was proposed by the EU Commission and will be put in to effect on May 25, 2018. The new regulation will impact the way that organizations handle personal data of any individuals that are

The Evolution of ERP Training

Historically, ERP training had a much longer shelf life than it does in today’s fast-paced, cloud-driven world. The needs of the user in a system delivered via subscription have evolved, and training itself has been forced to evolve at the

Ideating and Innovating: Could You Have This Conversation With Your Business Partner?

Imagine this conversation… The “Business Partner” (BP): I have this sales team. A clear differentiator between good and great sales consultants is their ability to handle questions and objections around the competition. We need to build those skills so that

Use Workforce Analytics to Better Understand Your Core HR Activities

Erik Ebert is an SAP SuccessFactors Solutions Director for GP Strategies in Copenhagen, Denmark. For several years Workforce Analytics has been in the SAP SuccessFactors family but has not been fully adopted as an integrated and working solution. This has

Data Migration: Journey to the Cloud – Part 3

Welcome back! In my final installment of this three part series, I will cover the options available for Exporting data from Employee Central (EC) for the purposes of data validation.

Considerations When Integrating SAP Payroll with SuccessFactors Employee Central

Many customers today question if a move to the cloud from in-house payroll would be a worthy investment. SAP offers a few options in this arena, whether you already run SAP On Premise payroll, you outsource currently, or you recently

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