Learning Analytics: Asking the Right Questions

In the first blog on learning analytics, I shared that learning analytics are the practices to prove and improve the impact of learning programs on outcomes. You want to show that your learning programs are making a difference. Now you

Ensuring That Mandatory Training is Successful

Consider the recent history of BP, Wells Fargo, or Volkswagen. Corporate scandal has forced governments, shareholders, business leaders, and employees to reconsider the economic model of the enterprise. Many assumptions regarding risk and short-term business results have been questioned and

The Digital Challenge

Perhaps the most discussed topic in the learning profession today is digital learning. We have seen the literature, and it is clear we have reached a tipping point in the way learning is delivered. The advent of modern learning content

Learning Analytics: What does it mean?

We all want to know: Does my work make a difference? Does my work make the world a better place? Learning analytics are the practices to prove and improve the impact of learning programs on outcomes. When we gather the

Coaching Leaders to Do Some Heavy Lifting

From the minute I began teaching myself CrossFit principles by watching videos and adapting to movements, I became interested in coaching. As one of the earliest adaptive crossfitters, I spent a lot of time studying barbell-lifting techniques and then trying

Webinar Q&A | Innovating in the Ivy League – How America’s top university uses inclusion to increase innovation

Organizations of all types are interested in innovation. Yet few realize that advancing a culture of inclusion can have a direct impact on the ability to innovate. Cutting-edge research shows that the more inclusive we are, the more innovative we

10 Things I Learned About Adaptability in 10 Days of Yoga

In the march up to the summer solstice, I participated in a 10-day yoga challenge. As a sporadic yogi, I knew it would genuinely be a challenge. But it’s yoga, so the challenge has a lot of irony built in;

Good Enough Integrations

Everyone wants cool toys. When we’re talking enterprise software, those toys are typically integration points. Very little gets management more excited than real-time metrics on a dashboard with dials in motion as the data changes. Those data points aren’t just

Mental Model: The Expectation of Excellence

Somehow, what troubles people isn’t so much being average as settling for it. Everyone knows that averageness is, for most of us, our fate. . . . And so I push to make myself the best. If I’m not the best already,

Webinar Q&A | Digital Transformation

Companies are revolutionizing how they run their business by embarking on a digital transformation in an era that is deemed the “digital age.” While technology decisions and implications are at the forefront of their execution strategy, it is crucial not to

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