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The Power of STEM Roles

A STEM profession isn’t something I put a lot of thought into early on in my own career. It wasn’t something I thought I really would end up doing for a living either. However, after almost 6 years working in

Onboarding 2.0: What’s new with SuccessFactors Onboarding?

Onboarding 2.0: What’s new with SuccessFactors Onboarding? SAP has announced that its new and improved Onboarding 2.0 will be released together with the Q4 release updates for the SuccessFactors suite. Even though this is not a complete re-creation of the

Choosing the Right Mentor

I have a confession to make: I once had a mentor that I didn’t like all the time. She could be harsh. She could be direct. She sometimes challenged me in ways that were uncomfortable. But, when it came down

Teamwork: Revitalizing Downtown Loíza

Recently the GP Strategies team in Puerto Rico, including Reuben Meador, Yolanda Velez (and son), Nilda Rodriguez (and son), and Maria Wiscovitch, came together to revitalize the city square in downtown Loíza. It was a remarkable experience. Here is the

Train Your Brain (and Avoid Brain Drain)!

As a learning practitioner, I often think about what I do in my life outside of work to learn new things and keep myself ready to apply what I have learned quickly and easily. A few techniques that really make

The Globalization of Learning: The Shift from the Margins to the Heart of the Enterprise

The Mindset versus the Technology Many years ago, when I was running an educational technology company, I always looked forward to my biannual trips to Silicon Valley. That was when I learned about what was coming next. In those days,

Reporting in SuccessFactors

In the past, when you talked about SAP SuccessFactors reporting, multiple reporting tools need to be considered (Online Report Designer [ORD], Plateau Report Designer [PRD] for Learning, dashboards, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool [BIRT], Workforce Analytics, Workforce Planning, and ad

Five Evergreen Strategies for Employee Engagement in the Future Workplace

Employee engagement is an organizational performance strategy. It’s also a highly personal equation: Every person has a unique relationship with their work and employer. This is the reason increased engagement has eluded so many well-intentioned enterprises. You can’t fix low

Bridging the Gap Between Vendor and Partner Relationships

According to Training Magazine, in 2018 companies spent an average of 14% of their budgets on training outsourcing—twice what they spent in 2017. As organizations increasingly rely on outside vendors for everything from training delivery and strategy to technology, it’s

Superuser Collaboration Tools: A Wish List

 “I wish…” Superusers are the glue that keeps an organization informed, knowledgeable, and ready to adopt new business processes. “Superuser” is a title that’s typically in addition to one’s regular job: What resources can we provide to superusers to ensure

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