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GP Strategies’ award winning podcast features content on emerging strategies, technologies, and their applications for workforce transformation and employee development.

Listen to business leaders, performance improvement practitioners, and learning and development professionals discuss their work alongside new trends and best practices.

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Award Winning Episode

In this 2022 MARCOM Platinum Winning episode, Tom Pizer joins the show to discuss how the Metaverse is changing the way organizations will interface with their learners.

New Episode

In episode #106 of the Performance Matters Podcast, host Michael Thiel is joined by James Meadows, an expert from GP Strategies, and Brandon Brodkin, a specialist from Watershed. Together, they dive deep into the fascinating world of analytics and its relationship to business impact and learning. Listen in as they explore the latest trends, tools, and techniques for mapping business impact to learning outcomes using analytics.

Improving Organizational Performance Through Employee Development

Improving an organization’s performance is more than a technology. Even the best strategies, technologies, and solutions will have little impact if no one adopts them or uses them effectively. The key to success is your people and how new approaches to employee development can be the strategic fuel to build agility and competitiveness. This series is designed to explore how business leaders can structure their organizations to use employee development as a strategic tool to ensure the success of even the most complicated challenges.

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Michael Thiel

With nearly two decades of thought leadership in corporate L&D, Michael Thiel has a passion for developing experiential learning that “sticks”. Working on the agency side, Michael has directed award-winning content for some of the most admired brands in the world, including: Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura, BMW, Kia, and Sub-Zero Group.

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