Designed to help leaders develop and deepen the willingness and ability to motivate and inspire others to drive performance and engagement levels. Effective leaders inspire commitment and results by first looking inward, becoming aware of what they want to say, and why. They are able to link their own values with the values and needs of those they lead, building inspired commitment rather than compliance and passive agreement. To sustain performance over time, exemplary leaders communicate authenticity and are clear about how they link and connect a person’s job to the team’s mission to the organization’s goals, values and strategies.


  • Understand that they are their own most valuable leadership tool and how inspiring yourself is the important first step in affecting the engagement/inspiration levels of others
  • Learn the skills of competence and connection and how they relate to effective leadership
  • Practice the skills and tools required to improve leadership communication and more effectively drive progress
  • Identify actions they can take each day and each week to “earn the right to be heard” and commit to higher-quality communication (and conversations) throughout the organization