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Process Control Aligned with AS13100 and RM13006

AS13006 sets the standard for implementing process control which allows effective management of variation to drive consistency in process outputs and enable continuous improvement. Aerospace suppliers must ensure that processes are target set and stable (i.e. in control) and assessed to confirm they are capable. This workshop introduces statistical process control (SPC) as a key tool which can be used to achieve quality improvements by providing a structured approach to monitoring and improving process control. Participants will learn how to construct and interpret control charts and discuss why the control chart is the best tool to keep a process under control. The course also explores the link between SPC and process capability.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to use SPC control charts for continuous data and attribute data.
  • Show how to conduct and interpret the results of capability studies.
  • Understand the links between process control techniques and additional quality tools.
  • Discuss the cultural challenges in performing process control studies and how to overcome them.