October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Employees Took Steps to Help Find a Cure

By on November 6th, 2020 in GP Cares

Several GP Strategies employees supported Breast Cancer Awareness, through the American Cancer Society (ACS), during the month of October.  The virtual event was administered through a Chatbot on Facebook Messenger! Participants logged their miles and as they passed a milestone (half way and the finish line), they were awarded badges via augmented reality filters. The fundraiser was also administered through participant’s own Facebook page and each state had a Facebook group page where members could seek advice, give advice, and post information about the status of their fundraiser/walk.

Sue Martin joined the Michigan 35 Mile Breast Cancer Challenge. She ended up walking 100 miles for her mom who was diagnosed with triple negative metastatic breast cancer in 2018. Sue said, “My mom is my HERO! She never complains and never stops fighting. My family joined me to walk the last steps of my 100 miles and we surprised my parents with a lot of pink!” That’s dedication! Sue also met a new friend, through the Michigan ACS Facebook group, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. They meet once a week and continue to walk together!


In North Carolina, Katrina McCoy participated by walking 35 miles in honor of her aunt, a breast cancer survivor, and raised $380!

Kayla Ratz linked up with Colorado’s 35 Mile Breast Cancer Challenge. She walked to help support ACS and the warriors, families and friends who are impacted by this awful disease. A few days were below freezing and there was snow on the ground, but she managed to walk 60 miles and raise $325!


Lisa Seidl participated in Michigan, walking 38 miles and raising $220 in honor of friends fighting and surviving breast cancer. She said, “We all know at least one person who has been afflicted with breast cancer. It is a disease that in one way or another, affects us all.”

Sheri Winter supported ACS by walking 35 miles in California and raising $230. She walked for her sister-in-law, who passed away with metastatic breast cancer two years ago, her best friend who is battling it now, and one of GP Strategies clients.

When there are goals to meet in ousting a disease, we come together! Collectively, these women walked 268 miles and raised $1,635 in October.

In a time where many in person events have been disrupted by the pandemic, it is exciting to see how organizations continue to implement innovative ways to achieve success through immersive technologies and collaborative tools to help them shift their strategies and remain agile.


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