Exciting News about PeopleSoft 8.57 Training

By on February 13th, 2020 in HCM Technology Solutions

PeopleSoft 8.57 is here and GP Strategies is offering hands-on training for your project teams. GP Strategies provides on-site, private Oracle PeopleSoft training for corporate groups of four or more. As a leader in PeopleSoft training, we know that even the finest courseware falls flat without world-class instruction, which is why our instructors are experienced PeopleSoft implementation professionals.

Take a look at some of our most popular PeopleSoft 8.57 on-site project-team training courses:

  • PSF130 Query (2 Days)
    This course teaches participants how to create SQL queries using basic and advanced features of the PeopleSoft Query tool.
  • PSF140 Tools I (5 Days)
    PeopleTools I is the prerequisite for all other PeopleTools courses. In this course, participants work with Application Designer to construct web-based PeopleSoft applications, from database tables to the graphical interface.
  • PSF141 Tools II (5 Days)
    This course takes your PeopleSoft development skills to the next level, covering advanced topics and techniques for more sophisticated applications and customizations.
  • PSF142 PeopleTools I/II Accelerated (5 Days)
    This course provides accelerated virtual training on PeopleTools I/II. It combines exercises from PSF140 and PSF141 into one hands-on course.
  • PSF351 PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface (3 Days)
    The course covers the development of new PeopleSoft applications that take advantage of the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface.

View a full list of our available PeopleSoft courses.

To get started with any of these courses, please contact me at ecuka@gpstrategies.com

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