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Superuser Collaboration Tools: A Wish List

 “I wish…” Superusers are the glue that keeps an organization informed, knowledgeable, and ready to adopt new business processes. “Superuser” is a title that’s typically in addition to one’s regular job: What resources can we provide to superusers to ensure they have time to support users and not caught up in administrative tasks? My collaboration tools wish list includes:

  1. A secure, intuitive shared workspace
  2. Relevant, accessible content
  3. Ways to engage by sending reminders, challenges, or links

Is that too much to ask?

Shared Workspace

Teams need efficient ways to organize content. Typically, content must be reviewed and approved by the broader enterprise before being deployed for use. Superuser networks can use a number of platforms to accomplish this. If your organization runs on Microsoft (MS), you’re probably aware of how MS SharePoint and MS Teams can be used to organize, share, and store files for access by multiple users. Teams also allows live conference calls with content sharing. Assuming effective administration is applied, SharePoint and Teams may meet your needs.

If you are wishing for something more turnkey, consider a platform such as Workfront, which is targeted to IT and Marketing buyers but can be used more broadly by anyone who seeks a platform to manage work more fully. Workfront allows users to enter requests for work, which can convert to funded projects, which are then assigned resources and timeframes. Workfront allows users to establish and manage review cycles. Workfront offers integration with SharePoint, Teams, Google Drive, Box, and other resources you may already use.

If your organization runs SAP SuccessFactors, are you familiar with Jam? Jam is marketed as a social learning/collaboration platform. But for teams and project-based efforts, Jam also offers version control, check-in/check-out, and online commenting.

As a superuser advocate, do you need to be convinced that your network should have a workspace that provides easy access to one version of the truth? Just say no to email attachments!

Relevant, Rapidly Deployable Content

Does your superuser network have a way to deploy in-app custom content to users on demand? If you use SAP Enable Now, uPerform by Ancile, WalkMe, or Whatfix, then you are familiar with the power and efficiency of such a robust solution. Your users no longer need to open up multiple windows to access online help when they need it most. We all know superusers are amazing multitaskers, but if your organization’s lack of a dedicated resource to champion a robust solution has been a deterrent in the past, consider GP WISE.

GP WISE, powered by SAP Enable Now, is a cloud-based workforce improvement solution for the enterprise. With GP WISE, GP Strategies licenses, manages, and administers an SAP Enable Now environment, drastically reducing your internal burden. Your key resources receive Enable Now training as part of GP WISE; however, you can rely on GP Strategies for the heavy lifting of Level 1/Level 2 help desk; branding, distribution, and publishing of content; and release management. Finally, with GP WISE you’ll unlock and be able to edit SAP’s standard library of Enable Now-created content for SuccessFactors and S/4HANA.

Chatbots That Engage, Remind, and Connect

You’ve probably encountered chatbots during an online customer service transaction. A window pops up and asks whether you, the customer, needs help. If the artificial intelligence (AI) is well-tuned to the situation, you’ll feel supported. In a similar fashion, corporate learning organizations are beginning to blend conversational chatbots into learning events to support their learners more fully.

Imagine if your superusers could leverage chatbots to engage and connect with learners before, during, and after live workshops. You can license chatbots for a defined timeframe and use them to deliver reminders, questions, challenges, or links to resources. Chatbots can communicate via multiple platforms, such as SMS/text, Facebook Messenger, and other direct messaging solutions.

Summary of Superuser Collaboration Tools

  • Shared workspaces
  • GP WISE: a solution for deploying relevant, custom content
  • Chatbots

You know that your people, including superusers, are your most important assets. What will you do to align your employees’ skills and knowledge with the dynamic digital platforms they will need to adopt?

We hope you found this discussion on superuser tools helpful, and we invite you to join the conversation by leaving your comments below.

Meet with GP Strategies in person on September 19, 2019, at the annual SuperUser Experience Event (SEE2019) in Plano, TX, where we will address superuser collaboration tools in greater depth. Review SEE2019 event information and register here.

About the Authors

Ellen Kumar
Ms. Kumar is a Solution Architect with GP Strategies, and has served in roles ranging from Account Executive, to Operations Director, to Project Manager/Training Consultant. Prior to GP Strategies, she worked for University of Dayton Research Institute and GE Aircraft Engines (now GE Aerospace). She holds an M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering from University of Dayton.

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