Survey Says… Training Needs Human Connection and Interaction

In early 2019, we conducted a survey to discover the learning preferences of professionals. While we learned a lot about the skills people need to develop, what motivates them to learn at work, and more, two areas stood out to us as critical components to keep in mind as many organizations build their digital learning strategies.

How do you most prefer to learn?

42% – Learn in a classroom with a group.

22% – Learn one on one with a mentor, leader, friend, or peer.

18% – Learn on your own.

6% – Learn virtually with a group such as a webinar.

What can we learn from this?

People want to learn from others. We asked our respondents to select their most preferred learning modality. The forced ranking of these answers demonstrated that people simply like to learn with others. Shared experiences and learning together should represent a significant part of an organization’s strategy.

What are the top ways in which you prefer to learn?

Respondents were able to choose multiple options, but these were the top three.

What can we learn from these responses?

Learning that includes connection with others is still preferred and is perceived as more effective – regardless of whether that connection happens through technology or face to face. These results mirror what we heard in last year’s leadership research when we asked a similar question. Leaders and learners benefit from sharing with others, including facilitators, coaches, peers, and mentors. While a variety of interactive options can help facilitate learning, it is the interaction and guidance from other human beings that makes for a memorable learning experience.

Would you like more of this research?

This is an excerpt from our 2019 Voice of the Learner Report.

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  1. smart sniper says:

    Wow, SO much good stuff here. Thank you for including my course!

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