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GP Strategies’ Top 10 Resources of 2021

Leadership & Learning Strategies for Workforce Transformation

2021 has taught us the importance of being flexible. Our traditional assumptions about learning have changed, and we’ve challenged the rules about how, when, and where we connect with and train employees. We are proud to have been a catalyst for helping organizations create effective hybrid strategies and equip people with the tools, techniques, and technologies for the future of learning.

We’ve curated our best content from 2021 for you in this post.

#10 | The Evolving Role of Learning in Workforce Transformation – How the CLO will Drive Business Growth

Workforce transformation is crucial as companies strive to attract and keep talent and to build high-performing cultures that will thrive.

We published a research report with Future Workplace based on a global survey of HR and business leaders asking about barriers holding organizations back from building on recent breakthroughs to innovate how they build agile learning cultures ready for the next pivot. The report is a playbook of immediate actions to pursue as you plan your strategy for 2022 and ready your organization to drive learning as an important lever for workforce transformation.

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#9 | Hybrid Workforce: Turn Challenges Into Opportunities | Podcast

In this episode, Patrich Calhoun discusses what he’s hearing from business leaders as they face the challenges of leading a hybrid workforce, from strategy to engagement and burnout.

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#8 | 4 Strategies for Creating a Culture of Career Growth | Blog Article

In this blog post, Mary Ann Masarech discusses four strategies to create a culture of continuous career growth to improve the odds that your workforce will be willing, ready, and able to move into the roles you need them to play.

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#7 | What is Workforce Transformation and Why You Should Care | Podcast

Businesses that thrive are in a constant state of transformation, and the skills and knowledge needed from your workforce continue to evolve. In this podcast episode, Matt Donovan explains that true workforce transformation is recognizing people are at the heart of change and L&D solutions need to be designed from a human-centric approach.

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#6 | 5 Tips for Keeping Virtual Learners Engaged | Blog Article

One of the biggest reasons that virtual environments are not successful is the lack of engagement. In the virtual environment, we tend to drop the activities that we did in person, possibly due to the restriction of time or maybe the lack of online design experience.

In this article, Keith Keating explores ideas, tactics, and activities to design and deliver engaging virtual learning experiences.

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#5 | Leader Mindsets: New Ways of Thinking for a New Hybrid World | Blog Article

From policy to processes to communication and leadership, there is little that will be left untouched as hybrid becomes the norm for many organizations. Leah Clark details how to apply four key mindsets of leadership in the new context of hybrid working. These mindsets can relieve the factors contributing to stress and keep teams engaged.

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#4 | Future Workplace: Viability of Virtual and Augmented Reality for Business and Learning Professionals | Blog Article

Many companies are interested in using AR and VR for learning and corporate initiatives but don’t know where to get started. Industry leader Dennis Bonilla, Dean of the Wiley Education Services Global Academy and a Fellow of the Future Workplace Network, met with two GP experts and discussed where immersive technologies are headed, what software drives them, and what scenarios are best for applying them.

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#3 | Reinventing Leadership | Research Report

We asked individual contributors what they want from the work they do, their expectations for moving into a leadership role, and whether their current managers have the ability to develop them as leaders. This research report presents the findings and offers insights into what teams can do to support the future leaders in your organization.

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#2 | First Class Delivery I Building and Maintaining Successful Global Training Delivery Teams | eBook

This eBook guide outlines key factors and best practices in building and maintaining a successful training delivery team. Read the eBook for a new approach that consistently delivers the best results.

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#1 | Developing a Holistic Approach to Enable the Hybrid Workforce | Article

The explosion of hybrid work has moved what was once an employee accommodation to a purposeful, strategic company-wide approach. In order to structure a productive and satisfying work experience, both need to take responsibility for creating a hybrid scenario that works.

This detailed article on the hybrid workforce outlines four critical areas that affect organizational performance that need to be addressed. Read more for how new approaches need to be imagined related to career development and learning.

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