SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0 vs. Onboarding 1.0 and the Power of Integrated Solutions

By: Rogério Giacomini de Almeida and John Bestgen

How important is it that you implement a solid and comprehensive onboarding process for your new employees? This answer may vary slightly from company to company, but a quality process design that supports the overall organizational strategy undeniably benefits both the company and the new employee.

For over a decade, SAP SuccessFactors has been helping its customers to carry out best practice onboarding processes through its integrated solutions. In 2020, SAP SuccessFactors customers now have access to the new Onboarding module, known as the next generation onboarding, or Onboarding 2.0, which fully integrates this module with the rest of the Human Experience Management (HXM) platform suite.

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