SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics: Advanced Edition

Why People Analytics?

The next generation analytics tool for SAP SuccessFactors supports better people strategies and effective decision-making. Actionable insights into trends helps you answer key questions around workforce challenges. Through an easy-to-use interface, People Analytics, advanced edition, provides widely understood HR metrics using time trending and analyses of your workforce across relevant dimensions. You will be better equipped to make important long-term and short-term decisions regarding your workforce in the effort to improve your business results.

Key business questions answered:

  • How is our headcount trending in different areas and business units?
  • What is the age and tenure profile across the organization?
  • Do we have knowledge management risks due to areas of high turnover?
  • What is our ratio of managerial to non-managerial staff?
  • What is our voluntary and involuntary turnover rate?


Advanced analytics can help your organization understand data more effectively to help maximize your long term success.

Delivered by GP Strategies – your partner in HR analytics.

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