Virtual Event Platform

Deliver a seamless, interactive, and engaging experience with our virtual events platform.

Our global team of experts at GP Strategies have designed an exciting new virtual events platform solution to help you organize your experience into an intuitive blend of keynote halls, community, networking, work spaces, workshops, and content. Along with the platform, our experts can help design and deliver an engaging and meaningful experience that will meet all your needs.

This platform is designed to deliver interactive virtual events with a robust functionality for a wide range of needs, from small group sessions to large-scale virtual conferences with keynotes, workshops, and breakout meetings.

Our solution is ideal for:

  • Internal conferences, roundtables, and forums
  • Learning events
  • Networking and collaboration events
  • Team and organization-wide meetings

Registration and eCommerce

Drive attendance for your event, from promotion to administration. Create customizable registration pages with or without admission fees. The registration system has secure payment solutions with built-in automated email capabilities, promotional offers, and back-end support.


Track and monitor the state of your event with customizable reports for registration, finance summaries, and marketing campaign statistics.

Community and Networking

Give your attendees the opportunity to collaborate with others in breakout rooms, live chats, and more. Create a social workplace for future gatherings where your people can share materials, meetings, and more in a one-stop engagement portal.

Customization and Design

We work with you to customize your experience, from your branding, desired layout and functionality, and your preferred technology.


Provide sponsors, partners, and key groups with their own virtual space to showcase products, materials, updates, and more.


Host your event information in a library of live and on-demand content so your attendees can access materials even after the event.

Moderation and Support

Our virtual event platform administrators ensure your event runs smoothly, from supporting live sessions and monitoring Q&A to quality assurance and troubleshooting so presenters can focus and engage on what matters.


We can help your people deliver the event or provide our own expert facilitators and moderators to ensure communication and scheduling runs smoothly.

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