Case Study

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Program For a Global Financial Services Company

As technology develops, the need for skills only humans can perform becomes greater.

Challenge: The Need for Skills in the Face of Automation.

A global financial services company is actively using automation to remove low-impact, repetitive tasks from the workforce. Anticipating that this initiative would significantly displace many jobs, the company set out to elevate employee activities and increase the level of emotional intelligence without reducing the workforce.


The company partnered with GP Strategies to develop and implement a workforce of the future learning program enabling employees to apply emotional intelligence in their work and gain a deeper understanding of automation. The two companies employed a robust design thinking approach and delivered a learning program with microbursts of activities over time, including:

  • Mobile, social, and virtual reality training
  • An AI chatbot as a digital assistant
  • A TED Talks-style speaker series mixed with collaboration featuring an emotional intelligence expert
  • An internal marketing campaign with AR and video-enabled motion posters to drive engagement with the program

Business Impact

The program has helped the financial company’s workforce sentiment overcome the uncertainties of automation and AI. Out of the ~10,000 employees who have participated in the program, 90% of survey respondents found value in it, and the company is continuing the program for the rest of its workforce. Employees have been transformed into advocates for the new automated world. The program has helped employees recognize that having the skills to implement and apply different automation technologies faster positively impacts them, the company as a whole, and its customers.

  • During the pilot delivered to 91 users, 96% felt emotional intelligence supported their career growth.
  • After training, 92% felt they had access to resources to help apply emotional intelligence to improve performance, foster collaboration, and reduce stress.
  • The program focuses on a singular solution to reduce costs and deliver a high-value solution to productivity bottlenecks, simplifying the way the company does business.

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