Case Study

Global Credit Bureau’s Transformational Approach to Sales Training

In 2012, one of the three largest global credit bureaus was preparing for a major sales transformation. The bureau was roughly two years away from going public, and senior stakeholders hired a globally renowned management consulting firm to conduct a salesforce optimization analysis. The results revealed that changes needed to occur for both the sales structure and selling skills. In parallel, data also seemed to suggest that customers were yearning for a more insight-led skill set from their sales representatives.

Global Credit Bureau's Transformational Approach to Sales Training

The Challenge

Change was imminent. First, how could the company improve the skills of the salesforce, moving them from “product pushing” to “customer problem-solving,” without taking them out of the field? And second, how were they going to go about creating consistency across multiple business units, regions, and vertical teams?

The Solution – A Transformational Approach to Sales Training

The bureau’s sales management team worked with GP Strategies on the task of finding a transformational approach to meet the needs of their customers and exceed growth targets.

The Results

The company’s sales management team developed an effective change management plan that secured sponsorship and engaged the right leadership levels throughout the project. They implemented a  communication plan that managed expectations throughout.    Read more.

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