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Learning and Development (L&D) is entering a new exciting era. We now have the opportunity to evolve and adapt. From learning new skills to using new technologies and adopting new modern learning approaches, it’s time to address your skills gap challenges and support your business through this transition. So, how can you prepare for the new world of work?

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Crunch Time for Learning & Development

The world is facing a reskilling emergency. Learning and Development functions must evolve and adapt at pace to remain relevant. Traditional learning is no longer cutting it. Teams need to focus on new skills and modern learning approaches to support

It’s Crunch Time: What’s the Future for L&D?

You can find transformation everywhere. From how we travel via apps, to how we cook using YouTube, and even down…

A Critical Time for L&D: Act Now or Regress | Training Industry

The world of work moves on. New hybrid working models, tech and productivity tools are here to make work easier and more productive. There’s a huge shift happening and a requirement for new skills as people adapt. Workforce transformation is

ATD 2022 | Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development in Changing Times

The way we define job roles is changing. Employees are bringing new skills to traditionally defined ways of working. When faced with disruption—from new technologies, the great resignation, or the aging workforce—an organization’s main strategy is often to hire new