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Learning Plans for Online Technical Training

Set your technicians on the path to success with these eLearning journeys.

Plant managers and other operations leaders often tell us that with so many people to train and different roles to design learning plans for, it’s hard to know where they should start. Between the number of concepts and skills to master and the differences in experience, training across an organization can quickly become overwhelming.

We’ve made it easy for you and have developed and curated courses for our technical eLearning content system GPiLEARN+, from health and safety to foundational proficiency to advanced upskilling. Regardless of industry, you can kick off your training program development with us. Additionally, we’ve created specific learning journeys for the most common skilled job roles based on our five-plus decades of deep experience in both the technical and learning disciplines.

Following are four of our predesigned training journeys built on lessons from the GPiLEARN+ catalog. They are readily available to our clients and can be assigned immediately to begin creating engagement on day one. These journeys are foundational for those in technical roles—electrical, mechanical, instrument and control (I&C), and operations—delivering the fundamentals in safety, tools and equipment, maintenance, and human performance. They are perfect for onboarding a new hire (in their first 90 days to six months on the job) or someone transitioning to a new role, even those with little to no experience. To complement your organization’s procedures and processes, you can also customize the experience for your teams by adding your site-specific content or technical documentation.

Electrical Technician Learning Journey | 44.0 Hours

Mechanical Technician Learning Journey | 54.5 Hours

I&C Technician Learning Journey | 52.9 Hours

Industrial Operator Learning Journey | 58.7 Hours

For learners, these learning journeys are easily digestible, accessible anytime and from anywhere, and confirm the organization’s dedication to the worker’s safety and career success.

Because the training journeys are tightly crafted and designed to be comprehensive, they’re helpful to organizations—with or without full-time training administrators—that need to quickly engage, upskill, and retain their technical workforce while dealing with the realities of budget, staffing, and available resources. They allow you to create a consistent, reliable training program with content and follow-up that can be aligned to your policies and procedures.

For a detailed course catalog or to add GPiLEARN+ to your training portfolio, contact us today.

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For a detailed course catalog or to add GPiLEARN+ to your training portfolio, contact us today.