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GP Strategies Partners with Whisbi to Provide Innovative Digital Sales Capabilities to Automotive Dealerships

COLUMBIA, Md., July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Global performance improvement solutions provider GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) announced their partnership with Whisbi, a global provider of mobile-first conversational sales and marketing solutions. This collaboration combines the power of Whisbi’s relationship-building platform with GP Strategies’ expertise in digital retail process design and virtual selling coaching.

The partnership with Whisbi will help automotive organizations accelerate the digitization of their business processes at both the dealer and national level. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will now be able to present product presentations through Whisbi’s One-to-Many Broadcast technology. These live, interactive product presentations from OEM websites are ideal for brand building and supporting the introduction of new products and technologies. Dealers will also have the ability to seamlessly and digitally interact with customers via voice, chat, video, and screen-sharing to facilitate the entire sales transaction virtually with Whisbi’s One-to-One solution for Assisted Selling.

"We are especially excited about the capabilities we can now provide to dealerships all over the world as a result of our partnership with Whisbi," stated Cathy Palochko, Senior Vice President, Global Automotive, GP Strategies. "Their lead management technology and digital Sales Assistant integrate seamlessly with retail CRM solutions. Using a single platform, sales staff will be able to apply their interpersonal skills to build relationships," Palochko added. "We feel that Whisbi is an excellent addition to our world-class automotive workforce transformation solutions."

GP Strategies provides expert consulting to aid dealers in the transition to future retailing and to optimize the integration of digital retail systems for faster, easier online shopping and purchase experiences. Services also include sustained process coaching for retail leaders and virtual selling skills training. Most recently, GP Strategies created a Virtual Sales Certification program for the automotive industry that is expected to launch globally with multiple OEMs and dealer groups in the fourth quarter. 

GP Strategies is committed to helping automotive dealerships win more customers, deliver higher quality experiences, and increase customer loyalty. For more information, visit www.gpstrategies.com.

About GP Strategies 
GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) is a global performance improvement solutions provider of training, digital learning solutions, management consulting, and engineering services. GP Strategies’ solutions improve the effectiveness of organizations by delivering innovative and superior training, consulting, and business improvement services customized to meet the specific needs of its clients. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, automotive, financial services, manufacturing, and other commercial and government customers. Additional information can be found at gpstrategies.com

About Whisbi
Whisbi offers a conversational sales platform to capture, qualify, and convert online leads for enterprises that want to boost assisted and/or unassisted sales. With the mix of sales and support services, Whisbi delivers unparalleled customer experience through continuous enterprise-level workflow customization. The company has unparalleled experience working with global enterprises in telecommunications, automotive, travel, insurance, and banking. As the chosen partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Three UK and Hyundai, Whisbi plays a crucial role in omni-lead strategies that boost online sales through customer experience. Whisbi’s industry-specific insights and workflow customization have helped its customers increase their online sales conversion rate tenfold and double their cross-selling.

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