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7 Strategies to Reimagine Your Risk and Compliance Learning Experience

For decades, risk and compliance training has been seen as a mundane chore by financial services employees and often for good reason. But circumstances are changing. The digital transformation taking place, accelerated in response to COVID-19, has put face-to-face, instructor-led training on the back burner and replaced it with a myriad of exciting strategies, including gamification, microlearning, adaptive learning, and anytime/anywhere training options. Adding to that, we have more and better data available to us to craft compelling learning that connects more deeply with learners.

But where does compliance training sit in the overall risk and compliance agenda? It’s traditionally been an afterthought, tacked onto the end of a larger risk and compliance strategy. In recent times, it’s starting to evolve as part of a more integrated, ruthlessly relevant, and seamless organizational risk strategy.

It’s time for financial institutions to address any legacy issues with their risk and compliance training and focus on tackling issues from development speed and delivery capacity to fundamental shifts in how risk and compliance training is perceived, designed, delivered, and assessed.


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