Allyship: Practical vs. Performative

There are meaningful differences between performative allyship and the kind that drives true inclusion. For committed organizations, there are “zones” of allyship—and setting up the correct systems allows an organization’s people to arrive in the all-important growth zone.

Join DE&I experts Angela Peacock, Alasdair James Scott, and Hanadi Chehabeddine of PDT Global, for a provocative discussion on how organizations can create a culture of inclusion through real allyship. You’ll leave with a host of ideas and rich insights into:

  • Pitfalls to avoid—and the key elements to insist upon.
  • What allyship means for different groups.
  • Results for organizations who make allyship discretionary versus results for those who make it mandatory.
  • What to do next to bring true allyship into your organization.

Download the slides here.