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Digital learning brings together technology, the human connection, and relevancy into a holistic learning experience. It integrates emerging technologies and strategies to enhance the classroom, improve on-the-job performance, and provide learners with a foundational learning experience that is spaced, micro, and collaborative.

GP Strategies’ digital learning solutions replace aging, singular eLearning strategies with curated learning pathways and multichannel learning journeys. These journeys use the best of blended learning with contextualized and curated content to help your people build knowledge progressively.

Even the best learning platforms will not deliver the experience you’re looking for without a well-articulated strategy. Partner with GP Strategies to map your current technology state, ideate what’s possible, and deliver what works best for your organization.


Use the right technologies at the right time for the greatest effect.

We use every learning technology on the market so you don’t have to. We consider your organization’s unique needs when designing your learning experience to ensure your learners use the right blend throughout the learning journey.

Digital Learning Technology

Digital learning in this way creates better engagement and accessibility:

  • We seek out knowledge at all hours of the day.
  • We need learning that connects across a host of platforms in a variety of formats.
  • Accessibility on any device means learning can take place anytime, anywhere.

Human Connection

Create a collaborative learning experience supported through moderation.

From virtual coaching to moderated forums, groups, and hands-on practice, a collaborative learning strategy enhances that experience with real-time feedback, mentoring, and built-in flexibility.

Digital Learning Human Connection
  • We’re made to connect with others.
  • Communities make relevant insights together.
  • Learn and share with peers and experts.


Learners connect through their experience. When content is relevant to their level, their role, and their organization, your people remain focused through the value it brings.

Digital Learning Relevancy

Relevancy creates a drive to learn.

  • Valuable, relevant material creates a drive to learn.
  • Responsive content allows learners to select their focus.
  • Micro-learning approaches allow them to consume material in easily digested chunks and as time allows in busy work schedules.

GP Strategies designs these programs with contextualized learning content that pulls learners through curated learning journeys.

Partner with us to create your organization’s digital learning experience. We provide the full spectrum of support for your learning organization.

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    Analyze your current learning solutions to identify, prioritize, and organize your needs.

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    Media and Development Services

    Create and convert audio, video, graphics, virtual learning, augmented assets, and more with our designers and engineers.

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    Design learning for the modern workforce aligned to business goals.

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    Make learning work seamlessly on complex systems with the help of our programmers and quality control testers.

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    Digital Learning Consultants and Instructional Design Support

    Bring your learning vision to life with the experience of thousands of learning professionals working with 25% of the global 500 companies.

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    Administration, Maintenance, and Support

    Optimize, structure, and manage your learning program needs.

  • User Adoption Solutions: Blended Learning

    Content Design, Development, and Curation

    Curate, organize, and create learning content mapped to your strategy and delivered as a holistic and meaningful journey.

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    Drive learner engagement with communication and adoption strategies.


Learning Transformation Consulting

Innovation and Emerging Learning Strategy

Content Design and Development

Content Curation

Learning Analytics, Measurement, and Evaluation

Digital Learning Resources

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