HCM Technology Solutions

HCM Technology Solutions

Combining Technology and Human Experience

Technology has been a driving factor for many organizations when it comes to their business processes and employee engagement tactics. But, we know that no technology, no matter how robust, is going to drive long-term success without a strong focus on the people who are actually using the technology. The best-run companies are those that create their technology roadmaps based on the way that people use technology in their daily lives and concentrate on putting their people at the center of the business.

GP Strategies understands that, no matter the size of your organization, creating a seamless and integrated human experience takes an effective people strategy and a technology roadmap that build focus and momentum among your team. Our capability to support local and global business requirements qualifies us to help your organization easily and effectively manage your employees, their data, and their development while ensuring a user-friendly experience for them.

Your people will always be your biggest investment, your best asset, and the fundamental driver of your organization’s success. Give them the best platform to learn, develop, and grow with high-quality technology solutions to feed your human-run business.


HCM Technology Solutions: People Development Services

People Development

HCM Technology Solutions: Technology Selection Services

Technology Selection

HCM Technology Solutions: Technology Implementation Services

Implementation and Cloud Migration

HCM Technology Solutions: Support and Health Check Services

Support and Health Check Services

HCM Technology Solutions: Reporting and Predictive Analytics


HCM Technology Solutions: Process Automation Services

Process Automation

Enterprise Technology Adoption: Organizational Change Management thumb

Organizational Change Management

Enterprise Technology Adoption: User Adoption Thumb

User Adoption Services

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