Tuition Program Management

A good tuition management program can be a key differentiator in attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent to meet the future needs of the business.

GP Strategies’ tuition assistance program management services deliver a flexible and comprehensive solution tailored to meet your company’s specific program needs. Each year, we process more than 100,000 requests for tuition assistance and make tuition payments in excess of $100 million.

Tuition Assistance Program Management

A Modern Approach to a Traditional Education Benefit

Strategy to Support Your Goals

Our teams of business analysts and account managers share best practices and opportunities for improvement as they work to gain an understanding of your organization’s program objectives, policy requirements, and employee needs.

Aligning our solution to your program’s intent ensures compliance and operational efficiency while improving program utilization and employee satisfaction.

Software to Streamline Your Process

Our expert application developers configure our tuition system to your tuition policy, providing a simple and individualized experience for your program participants.

Our customizable software enables self-service and automated processes for employees to submit an application, upload completion documentation, and track progress from submission to payment.

Services to Save You Money

Our program administrators operate with a deep understanding of your program and policies, and provide support throughout the process to assist employees with questions about the tuition policy, application status, and tuition system features and functionality.

With a keen focus on efficiency and quality, our administrators provide timely and accurate processing of program participant applications, grades, invoices, and payments.

We provide monthly SLA reporting, volume and trending reports, and tax liability reporting for our customers.

Behind the scenes, our experts administer the program, host the technology, manage the data, maintain and enhance the solution, and adapt to business needs and policy changes.

It’s easy to see why GP Strategies is the right partner for your tuition assistance program management needs:

  • Customer-focused, attentive service – Tuition assistance management is all about us understanding your program as well as you do, providing you and your employees with accurate and timely information to make the best decisions and get the most value.
  • Affordable tuition program management services – A proprietary tuition system, with automated processes and self-service capabilities, efficient administration, plus other economies of scale, allows us to offer a unique, effective, and affordable solution.

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