Risk, Regulatory & Compliance

The Risk of Not Adapting to Regulatory Compliance

An ever-increasing regulatory landscape requires an effective governance, risk management, and regulatory risk and compliance solutions strategies in place that keep pace with new legislation and stakeholder expectations.

A one-size-fits-all approach is destined to fail since facilities, even those under the same corporate umbrella, operate in unique environments. GP Strategies has the experience to manage these issues with cost-effective solutions that maximize your current practices and institutionalize best practices.

With cross-industry expertise built from over 50 years in the field, we help create a culture that minimizes risk and maintains compliance by developing governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance in the following areas:

Compliance Services

A GP Strategies-conducted assessment will improve the performance of your process safety management and mechanical integrity programs. We focus not only on the technical elements of the regulation, but also on your organization as a whole. By involving your workforce, stakeholders, and management in the processes, you reinforce your commitment to process safety.

If your program or processes require improvement, GP Strategies will work with you to identify the causes of the issue, develop a strategy for improvement, and implement the solution.

GP Strategies’ Real-World Impact

Our services provide a number of impacts to key performance indicators (KPIs).

A European power generation company achieved a 15% emissions reduction to meet regulatory requirements after installing GP Strategies’ EtaPROTM online monitoring software.

A western U.S. refinery realized a nearly 60% reduction in recordable events in an affected unit after implementing GP Strategies’ training and documentation development to process operators in the unit.

A large chemical processing company achieved an improved startup time by meeting PSM standards through 800 hours of focused training.

A South American refining and distribution complex achieved an on-time, brownfield startup with GP Strategies’ OEM and compliance support.

Our range of services include:

Regulatory Compliance Services

Achieve a Safe and Reliable Environment

Safety compliance is not a standalone program. Developing a safety culture involves your whole organization.

GP Strategies recognizes that your organization has a unique culture and may have already embraced methods for process improvement. We build upon your existing culture, tools, and programs while keeping true to the core philosophies of Lean, Six Sigma, Reliability Excellence, Goal Deployment, and Daily Management. GP Strategies has experience with implementing management solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your organization using a change management approach to ensure they become institutionalized.


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