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Digital Learning Solutions for Corporate Training

Digital learning solutions for today and tomorrow

Traditional eLearning strategies have been limited through historical constraints. New approaches with emerging technologies are better suited to keep up with today’s evolving business world. That’s why smart companies are implementing new digital learning strategies to transform their organizations.

At GP Strategies, we replace aging, singular eLearning strategies with evidence-based curated learning pathways and multichannel learning journeys to take learning to a new level.

Our digital learning solutions seamlessly blend leading-edge learning tools with curated content to help your business build knowledge quickly and progressively.

Traditional learning methodology uses a fragmented process of standalone parts (instructor learning, workshops, supporting digital documents) to deliver the learning. Our digital learning solutions are part of a larger learning ecosystem that delivers a holistic, integrated learning journey to meet the needs of today’s learners. 

Implement a digital learning framework

The ecosystem includes an 11-part digital learning framework and process that uncovers and addresses the key elements for creating a comprehensive digital learning strategy that drives rapid learning and business metrics.

Framework components include:

  1. Learning transformation

    We analyze your current learning system to measure its efficacy and implement strategies to improve learning results.

  2. Innovation

    Focusing on present and future business needs, we help you reimagine learning at work so your organization can solve complex problems in new and faster ways.

  3. Digital learning solutions

    Combining technology with the human element and relevant content, we create a learner-centric experience that speeds learning, enhances retention, and improves on-the-job performance.

  4. Content design, development, & delivery

    Using the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) model, we assist you with everything from design thinking to content curation and delivery strategies that ensure relevant content to support ongoing learning throughout the organization.

Designed to meet you where you are in your organizational learning journey, our digital training programs help your business become more agile, innovative and customer-focused.

Learning transformation consulting

Our comprehensive learning transformation framework and learning process experts guide the development of strategies to deliver on key business metrics. We systematically address the key elements of an effective learning and development strategy, including:

  • Learning
  • Operations
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Innovation
  • Organizational effectiveness and development
  • Business and partner alignment
  • Talent management alignment
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Leadership development
  • Governance

We look at your entire organization to assess the learning transformation that needs to occur, and then deploy an end-to-end process that gets you from corporate digital training strategy to execution.

Humanizing the digital learning experience

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Creating the drive to learn

When content is relevant to an employee’s level, role, and the organization as a whole, the learning experience creates more focus on producing results.

A cohesive, well-implemented digital learning strategy facilitates learning in spite of busy work schedules through:

  • Valuable, relevant material that creates the drive to learn.
  • Responsive content that allows learners to select their focus.
  • Micro-learning approaches that enable consumption of material in easily digested chunks.
  • Contextualized learning content that pulls learners through curated learning journeys.

Our programs also help people learn with colleagues at similar job levels and functions within the wider learning program so they can share insights gained from their learning.

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Collaborative learning through human connection

From virtual coaching to moderated forums and hands-on practice, our collaborative digital learning strategies enhance the experience with real-time feedback, mentoring, and built-in flexibility. We create better engagement, accessibility and learning through:

  • Communities that make relevant insights together.
  • Learning and sharing with peers and experts.
  • 24/7 knowledge acquisition.
  • Learning that connects across many different platforms and formats.

Create a holistic learning enterprise with GP Strategies.

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People, processes, and technologies at the right time

When designing your customized digital learning solution, we consider your organization’s unique needs to ensure your learners use the right blend of tools and technologies throughout their learning journey.

People. We assist with the training and development of new roles to support digital solutions including but not limited to:

  • Digital Learning Architects
  • Curators
  • Moderators
  • Learning Platform Integrators
  • Learning Data Analysts

Processes. Our digital design processes address the evolving nature of modern workforce needs including but not limited to:

  • Design Thinking
  • Agile Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Role Excellence Profiles
  • Measurement Mapping

Technologies. Our work-learning technology ecosystem aligns the point of learning with the point of work while making the learning experience accessible, portable, data driven, and user-centric.

Digital learning and the learning ecosystem

Comprehensive digital learning support

We’re there for you at every step of your journey to a digital learning solution. This includes:

  • Ensuring digital learning aligns with your business goals.
  • Providing a global network of experienced learning professionals.
  • Managing content design, development and curation.
  • Integrating leading-edge learning solutions with today’s complex technologies.
  • Creating and converting audio, video, graphics, virtual learning, augmented assets, and other learning tools.
  • Monitoring and measuring your learning ROI.

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