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Design Strategies for Transformational Learning

Get smarter and faster before your competition does

Your industry has undergone radical change, and your organization needs to get smarter and faster – now.  How do you know what your workforce needs to learn, and how do you link the learning to your strategic goals and objectives? Most importantly, how do you ensure the learning will position your organization to anticipate and stay ahead of change in the future?

Transformational learning starts with crafting design strategies that align with the needs of your workforce and the organization.

This complex design thinking process includes everything from content curation strategies to enabling anywhere, anytime learning, measuring impact, and more. 

Your design strategies will drive the entire transformational learning process, and will determine how you operate as an organization going forward. If you’re following transformational change in your industry rather than leading it, the future of your business could rest on the outcome.

It's not Linear design

Rethink your design thinking strategy

A unique spin to this process is that we have blended the human centric focus from design thinking with the rigor of agile development. This ensures that the great solutions are brought to life and don’t die on the whiteboard.

The design thinking process is anything but linear. It requires a flexible, nonlinear and iterative approach to achieve optimal results.

Case Studies

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Business Impact
Reach of prior large-scale events
More incremental sales, far outweighing the cost of the program

Reinventing Sales and Competitive Training at a Major Automotive Brand

GP Strategies developed a new training model for automotive sales reps, taking the training to the dealerships, lowering costs, and improving training effectiveness.
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Business Impact
Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning

Designing and Delivering a Workforce of the Future Program For a Global Financial Services Company

The company partnered with GP Strategies® to develop and implement a learning program enabling employees to apply emotional intelligence in their work and gain a deeper understanding of automation.
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Creating Innovative Learning Strategies at a Major Automotive Brand

One major automotive brand sought to face economic challenges head on by delivering relevant, moment-of-need learning and performance experiences to support selling more vehicles, enhancing the service experience, and improving customer satisfaction.
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A Dose of Blended Learning at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company needed help implementing SAP ERP functionality to support their global operations in their planning, financials, supply chain, manufacturing, and business intelligence business processes. With so much at stake, they turned to GP Strategies to achieve a successful implementation.
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Comparison of the ride quality between the 3 trucks. Now I can honestly tell customers we are better!

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Insight & Innovation

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The CLOs Guide to a Modern Learning Technology Ecosystem

The key to success is not simply handing employees new technology, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best; the key is an integrated learning strategy. GP Strategies’ Chief Learning and Innovation Officer, Matt Donovan, examines actions and approaches for strategically designing integrated learning technology ecosystems and explores the features of a strategic learning technology ecosystem. This webinar was presented by CLO.

Episode #41 | The Future L&D Career: How technology is shaping the…

Whether you’re a technophile who seeks out every new gadget out there or a Luddite who fiercely opposes them, the fact that technology is changing the way we live and work is undeniable. This is especially true for L&D careers,…