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Operational Readiness Solutions

On-time, on-budget capital expenditure results

Capital expenditure projects can have major impacts on companies, but only when the organization has the operational readiness to make it happen. With over 64 percent of projects facing cost overruns, and less than six percent considered best in class, operational readiness can make the difference between strategic success and costly failure.

At GP Strategies, we understand the importance of being on time and on budget during a plant launch. Drawing upon years of helping organizations plan, prepare and implement successful launches, we’ve developed effective operational readiness solutions in all areas of capital expenditure projects.

Our Solutions

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A CapEx project provides the perfect opportunity to build a strategic asset performance management plan that optimizes your people, processes, and technologies. We ensure strategic management through Precision Maintenance, asset optimization, and our EtaPRO™ Performance and Condition System, which identifies issues well before they cause shutdowns.

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Amidst the engineering, construction, design and equipment installation of your CapEx project, attention to regulatory compliance and operational safety can get overlooked. Going live while ill-prepared for these assurances can result in hefty fines, especially with CapEx projects in a new country. From environmental compliance to process safety and risk management, we make sure your organization aligns with local regulatory practices before you launch.

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The impact new processes and procedures have on human capital often takes a back seat to engineering, technical design, equipment selection and other considerations. Our thorough documentation of SOPs, safety and maintenance procedures, technical documentation, equipment-specific procedures, quality processes, and eLearning through GPiLEARN+ help mitigate the risk of error and performance lapses.

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The engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) phase costs more than any other part of a CapEx project. It’s also the phase at which 64% of projects go over budget and 73% get delayed. Our proven track record of delivering projects on-time and in-budget has saved our clients millions by beating timelines and avoiding costs.

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To help ensure success, every CapEx project should start with the development of an effective strategy that aligns with the master plan. We assist you with initial plant launch feasibility studies during concept design, front-end engineering design (FEED), workforce analysis, and budget refinement.

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Human error hampers eight out of every 10 plant launches. With the right documentation and our workforce development strategies, you can beat those odds and go-live with the operational excellence standards you built your facility to foster. From LMS selection and simulations to blended learning, our customized human performance improvement solutions prepare your people to operate your facility before the equipment even shows up.

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Case Studies

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