Most good leaders know the benefits that come with coaching their employees. What sets great leaders apart from good leaders is the ability to identify or create coaching moments on a daily basis – to seize the impromptu interactions that give way to everyday coaching conversations. EC2 or “Everyday Coaching Conversations” gives you the opportunity to elevate your coaching skills so you can take advantage of the quick, spontaneous interactions you have with your employees. This highly experiential program throws traditional coachingmodels aside in favor of a very intuitive and practical approach that makes coaching memorable and accessible in-the-moment for both novice and experienced coaches alike.


  • Leaders who prioritize coaching as part of their leadership strategy
  • Leaders who instinctively apply coaching tactics in everyday interactions
  • Tangible movement towards creating a coaching culture
  • Retain top talent
  • Leaders will utilize positive psychology to move employees forward
  • Leaders will apply mindfulness moments to increase engagement of employees
  • Improvement in employee-manager relations