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About GP Strategies

It’s Not “About Us.” It’s About You.

We all know it, instinctually, intrinsically. But, it isn’t always explicit or overtly spoken.

That is, the truth: that work, business, commerce, relationships, innovation, is about people.

And, simply stated, GP Strategies is about our people supporting your people. So that you can bring value to your customers and stakeholders.

The world where your people have to work, learn and perform is changing faster, more broadly, and more profoundly than at any time in history. It’s because ideas and innovation are exponentiating, and it isn’t going to slow down or become simpler in the future. Your people need the knowledge, methods, tools and resources to adapt and succeed for you.

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That’s why Workforce Transformation is our core deliverable. Another truth is that your future is defined by HOW your workforce executes on your strategies and tactics. If they perform, you succeed. If they don’t, you don’t. Your business needs the people, processes, technologies and leadership to gain and keep competitive advantage.

That’s why Performance Improvement is our second core deliverable. Our people support your people. Across our thousands-strong global family of engaging GP Strategies professionals, our team has hundreds of decades of real-world experience with the Organizational and Technical Performance Solutions we curate and deliver. Our business has over a half-century of success, but that great legacy doesn’t fully reveal the expansive and unparalleled creativity, problem-solving, and performance transforming know-how our people provide. They’re our secret weapon, at your service.

mission and values

To enable people and businesses to perform at their highest potential.


  • Integrity
    At GP Strategies, integrity is more than a word; it is in our DNA. We do the right thing, even when the right thing is the hard thing.
  • Empathy
    GP Strategies is built on people and relationships; the people who make up our teams and our customers’ teams, and the relationships that tie us all together.
  • Collaboration
    One Team: We work together to make it happen. We are better, stronger, and more successful when we leverage the diverse experience, intellect, and strengths of the GP Strategies Team. Together, we thrive.
  • Responsibility
    Responsibility belongs to every person in every role at GP Strategies. Responsibility and accountability go hand in hand. We strive for excellence in all that we do, which begins with the responsibility of taking ownership and ends with accountability for high-performance delivery on projects and tasks.
  • Growth
    Our success is based on our ability to continually advance our individual selves, our organization’s performance, and our customers’ success. We do this by looking forward, adapting to what is needed next, applying curiosity and creativity generously, and thoughtfully rising up to meet new challenges.

Our people supporting your people.
We will do great things together.