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The disruptions that are transforming the aerospace and defense industry present immense opportunities for leading-edge organizations to respond creatively to change and uncertainty. An agile and assertive response to competitive change allows for a well-prepared workforce armed with relevant and effectively delivered learning.

Leading organizations access the expertise and experience provided by dedicated managed learning services providers. As a long-established leader in that field, our outsourced training and learning services supplement and complement your learning team with expert professionals who deliver best-in-class learning solutions for you and your workforce.

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Creating a Modern Aviation Technician Training Program for EASA Certification

Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) is an independent global training provider for staff involved in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry for aircraft, engines, and components of civil aviation.
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Major Changes Take Flight in an Aeronautical Joint Venture

Two major aeronautics organizations announced their intention to form a joint venture that would bring together two of the launch industry’s most experienced and successful teams.
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Producers: A Role Critical to Virtual Learning Success

At some point in our careers we have all experienced a virtual session that has gone wrong.  You’re unable to log in, you send in chats that go unanswered and ignored, and the background noise of another participant is loud

Episode #41 | The Future L&D Career: How technology is shaping the…

Whether you’re a technophile who seeks out every new gadget out there or a Luddite who fiercely opposes them, the fact that technology is changing the way we live and work is undeniable. This is especially true for L&D careers,

The New Learning Organization: Building a Virtual Training Practice

Now that working and learning virtually is continuing longer than originally expected, leaders need to develop a new virtual training strategy, one that extends beyond simple conversions and considers shifting the entire virtual strategy from a mode of surviving to