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As the aerospace and defense industry continues to transform at an accelerating pace, manufacturers grow more dependent upon efficiency-driven digital technologies to compete in today’s global markets.  Yet, without a coherent technology adoption strategy, the implementation of ERP systems, workforce management applications, mobile technology, and cloud-based solutions can cause more problems than they solve.

The best run businesses are those that focus on utilizing their technology to support their people, not the other way around. From human capital management technologies and user adoption best practices to capturing data to improve your programs, sign up for our quarterly newsletter that covers it all.

Few aspects of the modern competitive environment present more challenges than the adoption of technology. These include:

  • Lack of clear technology goals
  • Steep learning curves for IT personnel and technology users
  • The high cost of hardware, software and training
  • Lengthy implementation processes that delay critical learning
  • Selecting the wrong technology for the problem
  • Poor integration between technologies that need to work together
  • Keeping up advancing technologies
  • Insufficient support from technology vendors

However, there are ways to overcome these challenges effectively. GP Strategies can help.

Ensure success in your technology implementation and adoption

When technology implementation and adoption goes well, they can produce significant cost reductions, improved productivity, a more engaged workforce, superior business results, and a healthy return on investment for your technology spend.

The question is: how do you get from point A – constantly struggling to make the technology work – to point B – the seamless implementation and adoption of technology in all areas of the business?

Your transformation technology implementation partner

For more than 50 years, we have immersed ourselves in the global aerospace and defense industry, working closely with manufacturers and their supply-chain and distribution partners around the world.  In the process, we have gained the experience and expertise needed to assist global brands solve problems today while preparing them for the future.

Our proven technology adoption frameworks combined with our implementation support services help global manufacturers leverage new technologies across the board to deliver critical business outcomes.

Our Solutions

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Enterprise technology adoption solutions for an evolving industry

Whether embarking on a new IT implementation, upgrading your systems, or rolling out technology to reach new employee communities, your end user solutions should focus on workforce performance. Only then can you ensure success through all phases of the implementation project lifecycle.

We’re committed to providing the change management and learning experiences your organization needs to harness the power of 21st century workplace technologies and achieve your business goals.

Smart technology solutions

Case Studies

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Lufthansa Technical Training, (LTT), is an independent global training provider for staff involved in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul industry for aircraft, engines, and components of civil aviation. When Adobe announced the discontinuation of Flash, LTT recognized it was great timing to enhance its overall training approach.
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Major Changes Take Flight in an Aeronautical Joint Venture

Two major aeronautics organizations announced their intention to form a joint venture that would bring together two of the launch industry’s most experienced and successful teams.
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