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Aftersales Solutions

When it comes to a dealership’s service department or body shop, customers have simple but firm expectations: Fix the vehicle (and do it right the first time). Charge a competitive rate. And make the whole experience convenient.

The good news is, if you do all that, they’ll reward you with long-term loyalty. But fulfilling customer expectations is often easier said than done.

GP Strategies works with OEM and dealer fixed operations teams to instill the importance of customer care and demonstrate how to create a satisfying customer experience — while never losing sight of the bottom line. We come prepared to discuss what you’re already doing, and what you should consider adding to your offerings and your workflows.

We’ll show you how to connect deeply with digital consumers and their connected cars. Not only how to learn from their behaviors and analyze their data, but how to reach out intelligently through the platforms they use every day. And we’ll work with you to design and build mobile solutions to capture their attention and reward it, to inspire referrals and grow your customer base.

Our aftersales solutions combine practical experience, working in technical and non-technical functions, with a deep understanding of today’s advanced learning solutions. We craft programs — tailored to your brand and local market realities — which drive customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Our Solutions

Optimize your people, process, and technology

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GP Strategies brings a unique perspective to the body shop. As shop owners and operators, we harness a deep understanding of all facets of body shop business management — to create growth and profits.

Our in-depth knowledge is also born from certifying and improving body shops around the world, as part of our compliance capability.

GP offers proprietary software that enables OEMs to certify their network with ease, including the ability for virtual certification. Our consultants not only vet processes, facilities and equipment, they work closely with body shop leaders to elevate the efficiency of their operation to create greater potential for growth and profitability.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the retail level. We provide body shop network development strategies to clients through our ability to identify best practice within our own global network.

Make your network more profitable

Pressure to expand aftersales operations to realize new revenue opportunities, and offering owners expanded services, is challenging fixed operations managers’ ability to effectively forecast profitability.

GP Strategies offers both analog (people) and digital (software) solutions to help aftersales leaders assess, plan and manage operations to increase productivity, efficiency and satisfaction.

Where most financial platforms aggregate data to form a meta viewpoint, GP Strategies software collects operational indicators, informing more robust analysis and planning. Managers leverage tools to create short and longer-term plans to profitability, with tools to guide their focus and activities — and develop stronger aftersales operational skills.

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As demand for vehicle personalization and availability of specialty parts continues to grow, accessories sales continue to experience explosive growth. Yet dealers are only realizing a fraction of their market potential.

This challenge is not new.

Accessories requires cross-functional planning and coordination as well as new revenue sharing models to create opportunity across sales, service and parts.

Fortunately, GP Strategies has the experience, working with multiple OEMs to help retail leaders negotiate cross-functional processes and new revenue models. The net result is a new revenue and profit stream — and greater customer advocacy.

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As pressure on new vehicle sales margins continues, it’s essential for dealerships to find new revenue and profit opportunities. Yet many retailers struggle to integrate quick services within their aftersales operation.

GP Strategies offers answers to that challenge.

As a leading global provider of quick service consulting and training for both stand-alone and integrated operations, we offer a real-world perspective and expertise validated across multiple brands — and countries. In addition to change management support, we implement Lean process, contribute operational guides and auditing services, and deliver instruction for technical and customer service roles.

With a fully functional quick service operation, dealers realize improved absorption and a rise in owner satisfaction.

Learn how to find new profit opportunities
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Advanced telematics systems are creating an unprecedented opportunity for dealers to ‘co-manage’ vehicle health alongside their customers.

Telematics also creates a responsibility that few dealers are prepared to meet, including proactively monitoring and offering consultative services.

GP Strategies helps aftersales departments re-imagine processes to enable thoughtfully curated experiences, building deeper relationships to create customer advocacy for both OEM technologies and retail services.

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Automating aftersales processes and touchpoints is critical to optimizing revenue and client experiences. Which is why we’re proud to be the first in the automotive industry to digitalize the full aftersales business — from appointment setting to repair and upselling, to invoicing and follow-up.

GP Strategies offers comprehensive aftersales management software solutions which include remote vehicle diagnostics, workshop planning with digital job cards, mobile clock tools, and parts stock management. We also design customer-facing digital service experiences including appointment requests, paperless signatures, instant-messaging-app status updates, and mobile payment.

The results: higher shop utilization, more effective parts management, and increases in efficiency and profitability.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories

Business Impact
200 %
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40 %
savings in materials and energy consumption

Introducing Augmented Reality to Field Tech Training

A major automotive brand needed to quickly update the welding skills of their dealership repair technicians throughout the Middle East, so they could work on a new vehicle with a 64% aluminum architecture. Dealers could not sell the model until technicians successfully completed training.
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