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Maximize sales in the digital market

In automotive, new digital technologies and changing customer expectations have turned the traditional sales process upside down. Today’s consumers can satisfy most of their information needs online. They’re ready to transact, and they expect a seamless customer experience with no waiting, no haggling, one point of contact throughout the transaction, and exceptional product expertise.

Achieving success in this new process depends on a sales strategy that can flex to each customer, effective outreach and

communications, and an agile salesforce. The sales function is evolving, and so must the people and the skills needed stay on top. 

We’ve assisted thousands of organizations to design and execute comprehensive multi-market, multi-channel, multi-year sales strategies that have resulted in some of the most successful improvements in their histories. Our expertise, experience, strategic solutions and execution capabilities will help you achieve that pinnacle and surpass your goals.

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When reaching out to owners after the sale, the marketing objectives are simple: build brand loyalty, inspire enthusiastic advocacy, and generate higher repurchase rates. Meeting those objectives is a little more complex — and it takes an experienced team of communicators with groundbreaking ideas.

Our proprietary Audience of One™ strategy takes branded publishing one step further by tailoring communications to individual customer profiles, using personal interests, geography, transactional data, and other relevant attributes and behaviors.

True personalization recognizes the individual. It allows the right message to reach the right person, at the right time. We create a one-to-one conversation with owners, centered on their interests — and designed to connect emotionally. With GP Strategies, OEMs and dealers can cultivate strong relationships, throughout the ownership cycle, to retain the customer’s business.

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F&I is experiencing a seismic shift, as digital storefronts integrate finance products and new roles blend and bridge traditional finance and sales experiences.

GP Strategies helps hundreds of retailers re-imagine F&I processes and develop new, blended skills with proven curriculum, creating new revenue opportunities while also offering shoppers a faster, easier purchase experience, with greater transparency.

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Delivering an exceptional shopping and purchase experience in a virtual world has never been more challenging.

GP is providing the connective threads for dealers to bridge processes and create seamless experiences — including new remote services to enable safe, contactless experiences.

Our consulting and training teams are in hundreds of dealerships each day, working with managers to re-imagine processes while building new skills to harness technology and big data.

We also offer software solutions that provide a roadmap for managers to develop deeper operational insights to fine-tune processes for efficiency and profitability, while optimizing the customer experience.

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Automotive product launches are mission critical to realizing the potential of billions in product development. They require expertise, foresight, planning, and collaboration to achieve the intended results.

Our Virtual Launch Experience (VLX) offers an alternative to costly, one-time events. Featuring a cadence of blended learning, VLX delivers content to align with modern learning needs — delivering smaller learning ‘bites’ over time to build deeper understanding and retention.

Virtual workshops replicate live events with in-car activities and group breakouts, with ample opportunities for practice, supported by live and video-based feedback and coaching.

Learning continues post-event, focusing on application and practice to build proficiency and confidence, through a variety of tools and competition, including video coaching and social competition.

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The importance of pre-owned and CPO sales to generate revenue and profits has never been more vital to the financial health of dealers.

The global used car market size is expected to reach USD 2,150.6 billion by 2027, attracting new customers to the brand, increasing residual values and providing dealers with additional sources of sales and profit.

Those profits are also being threatened by new, alternate online shopping and purchase experiences that offer faster and easier transactions with less friction and greater transparency.

Our dedicated CPO consulting team follows a defined process that begins with auditing current processes against proven best practices and continues with a consultative action plan, implementation, supported training and sustainment. The net result is a viable, future-proofed CPO experience poised to take full advantage of growing opportunity.

Optimize the pre-owned segment
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Today’s auto consumers control the buying process, and increasing numbers are demanding a seamless, self-serve purchasing experience that takes place largely online, not at the dealership.

In this conflicted and uncertain auto landscape, dealers need to offer an omnichannel buying experience that integrates analog and digital processes, based on the individual desires of each customer.

GP Strategies offers the retail consulting expertise to re-imagine processes to bridge digital shopping experiences along with the skills frontline staff need to connect and convert online shoppers.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories.

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Creating an Innovative Learning Strategy at a Major Automotive Brand

Faced with shifting consumer expectations, advancing technologies, and economic disruption, dealerships need to prepare their teams to meet rapidly emerging demands.
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Driving Vehicle Sales Through an Experiential Training Tour

When a major OEM introduced eight new vehicles to their lineup, they needed a comprehensive, experiential training program to ensure their sales staff could speak knowledgeably, confidently, and passionately about the vehicles and provide would-be buyers a world-class customer experience.
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Creating a Luxury Academy for a North American OEM

A North American luxury automaker was gearing up to launch a series of new vehicles, designed to appeal to an upscale, younger demographic. They needed to elevate their guest experience accordingly.
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