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Technical Solutions

Enabling technology to empower your people

Technical solutions form the heart of what the energy, oil & gas industry needs to perform as efficiently as possible. You need to optimize your technical staff, not just in terms of training, but in terms of scheduling and job aids. You need to optimize your equipment, not just to ensure availability and efficiency, but also to extend equipment life. You need to address safety concerns and regulatory issues. And you need to get your hands on the critical data to drive the decisions that make all this happen.  

Drawing from more than 50 years’ experience guiding energy manufacturers to safer and better performance, we help you integrate people, process, and technology into one harmonious whole to improve business results.

Our technical services team can help you:

  • Maximize return on investment
  • Achieve on-time and on-budget startups for new and upgraded facilities
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve technical training at a reduced cost of ownership
  • Extend equipment life, anticipating complications in advance
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Achieve quality and operational excellence
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Strategies to optimize the performance of people, process and technologies.

In every aspect of workforce performance in the energy industry, equipment availability—and the technology to ensure it— plays a vital role. Today, virtually every aspect of design, production, distribution, service and management depends on technology. We offer the industry’s most robust and time-proven array of technical training, asset performance management and operational excellence services to keep your energy enterprise one step ahead of an ever-evolving industry.

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Implementation of Compliance Training Within Blended Learning Programs

At leading power companies, blended learning training programs help equip leadership, operations, maintenance, human resources, and other functional areas with the knowledge and skills to make better decisions that lead to that desired reliability and uptime.
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Business Impact
Awarded 2019 Supplier of the Year Award in Health & Safety

Avangrid: Workforce Safety and Optimization for the Future

AVANGRID, Inc., a leading diversified energy company, operating eight electric and natural gas companies and serving 3 million customers in New York and the New England region, was looking for a partner to help develop and strengthen the workforce safety and compliance culture within their organization.
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