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Aligning your vision, strategy and your workforce

Across all sectors and channels in high-tech, economic uncertainty has only magnified digital transformation demands and intensified competition and change. New technologies, complex product life cycles, relentless pursuit of efficiency and quality, security and regulatory demands, a threatening workforce skills gap, and outdated learning and training approaches have made traditional business processes obsolete. To succeed, you either drive the change that occurs in your markets or end up losing to those that do.

GP Strategies’ expert high-tech organizational development consultants help you identify where your business needs to go and what it will take to get there. Then, we work with you to develop and execute strategies that bring out the best in your most valuable resource – your people. Whether your business needs change and performance management, modern learning and workforce development technologies, or critical new business process design, we’re the transformation partner you can trust.

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Are you under pressure to justify the cost and impact of organizational learning, training and workforce transformation?

Our high-tech industry performance experts help transforming enterprises become best-in-class organizations through flawless execution across all areas of learning, leadership, and workforce development. Employing a proven approach that integrates leading technology, innovative learning paradigms, and business process best practices, we deliver cost-effective, high-performance  organizational development solutions.

We integrate technology with people and know-how to help your business win.

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Our Solutions

Keeping your people inspired, connected and engaged

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Developing and executing individual and organization transformation, readiness, resilience & leadership.

In high-tech, translating learning into action is the ultimate competitive advantage.

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Building leadership and learning strategies to transform organizations to achieve sustainable performance results.

Flexibility, adaptability and innovation are not just something you do. They’re who you become.

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Building market-focused high-tech enterprise readiness with people, process, structure, strategy, performance execution and metrics.

Aligning vision, strategy, execution and an always-evolving workforce is a continuous journey.

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Case Studies

Explore our real-world client success stories.

Business Impact
Successfully migrated 50,000 users to a cloud based solution

LMS Migration from On-Premise to SAP/NS2 SaaS

Our client, a large agency with the Federal Government, had many of their components implement SuccessFactors learning management system (LMS) on-premise. But, with the Federal Government directives for agencies to move to “cloud computing,” they decided to migrate to the SAP National Security Services (NS2) Software as a service (SaaS) secure cloud solution.
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Insights & Innovation

Discover thought leadership from our clients and team of experts

Episode #39 | Change Management Needs to Change: Challenging the Model of…

Picture this. Your organization is getting a new application to replace the one you are using today. Did you roll your eyes and say “Oh, brother,” or were you curious to learn more, maybe even excited? Believe it or not,

Business As Unusual: Rewriting the Rules of Leadership

Anyone who has ever been a leader knows it comes with as many challenges as it does benefits. But few could have imagined the way leaders have been tested as they’ve navigated the cataclysmic impact of a global pandemic.

Episode #33 | Thrive Beyond the Chaos: Be Strategic About Organizational Design

If your organization is like most, you have had to take reactionary measures based on the disruption we’ve experienced. This approach, however necessary, often fails to thrive. A well thought out vision, strategy, and organizational structure that supports a changing