Technical & Engineering

Performance Improvement for Technical Industries

GP Strategies’ multidisciplinary experts have significant experience in the areas of performance engineering, performance improvement, professional training, systems integration, maintenance planning training & reliability, and software engineering. From the asset performance and condition monitoring of equipment, to the development of reliable asset performance management programs and the design of your facility, GP Strategies has the expertise to deliver engineering, project management, and company training strategies tailored for success.

Performance Improvement

GP Strategies engineers success at organizations by helping our partners adopt innovations to deliver real-world performance improvement. By integrating people, process, and technology effectively, organizations can maximize return on investment (ROI), achieve on-time and on-budget startups for new and upgraded facilities, ensure regulatory compliance, improve training at a reduced cost of ownership, anticipate equipment complications in advance, improve overall equipment effectiveness, and much more.

Read our Technical & Engineering Statement of Capabilities.

We provide end-to-end services and products to solve performance problems for a workforce responsible for safe, reliable, efficient, and compliant operations in technical industries.

performance improvement for technical and engineering

In capital-intensive, technically complex, and inherently hazardous facilities that make up the technical world, you are constantly balancing risk and cost along with efficiency and safety.

And with over 50 years of multi-industry experience; over 14 accreditations including ISOs and OSHA, and an ever-increasing number of award-winning engineering training design, you can trust a profitable partnership with GP Strategies.

At GP Strategies, we’re accelerating excellence.

Read a case study about how improving operator and maintenance training resulted in increased overall equipment effectiveness from 86.2% to 98.8% in a six month time span.

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