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Organizational Change Management Consulting

Change with purpose and confidence

How much of your growth strategy depends on people changing the way they think, work, or behave? As your organization restructures, including potentially the movement to a hybrid workforce, change management becomes increasingly critical—not only to the success of the organization but to the wellbeing of your people.

GP Strategies partners with clients for change management consulting services, helping organizations properly manage critical, large-scale changes. Whether you’re navigating an intricate IT implementation or an organizational shift, we’ll help you build an organization that not only survives change, but thrives on it. Using our proven change management methodology, we employ preventive, proactive, and responsive methods to help create the agility your organization needs to change with confidence.

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Organizational change begins with our collaboration

Organizational change management is the art and science of helping individuals and organizations adopt new ways of thinking, believing, and behaving so they aren’t mired in the past. Our change management consultants help overcome resistance while ensuring success with the following strategies:

  • Developing executive sponsorship and alignment across leadership and stakeholders
  • Building and maturing change management practices and capabilities in your organization
  • Developing capable leaders and high performers to drive and support strategic initiatives
  • Building organizational resilience and enabling adaptable employees
  • Augmenting and optimizing your strategy with expert change practitioners
Navigate change with confidence

We find that a combination of organization-wide and localized business-unit tactics works best for organizations to effectively adapt to change. GP Strategies has developed change tactics based on this idea utilizing our individual change model: the R2P2 Model.

This model focuses on four key stages: reason, role, path, and partner. Change happens one person at a time, so ensuring leaders within the organization are well equipped to be engaged sponsors is a cornerstone to successful change.

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Achieving results at speed, and at scale

GP Strategies helps you produce successful change when, where, and how you need it. Our change management consultants can help you with:

  • Transformational change to ensure business acquisitions, expansions, and product launches fully succeed
  • Cultural change to adopt new ways of working, thinking, and avoiding culture clash
  • Large-scale IT implementations to drive user adoption, reduce costs, optimize timelines, and achieve results
  • Organizational restructuring to accelerate, optimize, and achieve a seamless new operation
  • Managing disruptive change when competition or new technology renders your business model outdated
  • Establishing change agility as a strategic capability and competitive advantage

Insight & Innovation

Discover thought leadership from our clients and team of experts

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